CloudMounter: Mount & Encrypt Drives On Mac

Are you struggling with the running out of storage? For some extra space, you don’t want to spend extra money. So, there should be a better solution. And there is CloudMounter. It works with an entire buffet of technologies and cloud services, including OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and many more.

CloudMounter provides a smart and easy solution for mounting the device. It is the only tool which has the capability to manage all types of cloud services and connect with the web servers. The software can also work in the Mac and it will change the experiences while working with the cloud storage system. It allows you to work with the favorite service without taking extra space from the hard drive. With all this, the software also encrypted files for the best security so that if anyone uses the system then they can get the things through the online process without a password. It also protects cloud storage and servers for accessing files only with the use of the software. If the user is using Mac then also it can take benefits of the software for securing and saving space for further use.

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Mounting for Mac

We all know that software works with all types of drives whether it is Google Drive or Amazon S3. At the time of mounting the software gets integrate with finder which is very easy while handling when the user wants to work with different cloud storage services. For this, there is no need to use the web version for each drive. When the user will work on the online files then they get stored locally but there are no offline syncing and saving files locally. Working with multiple cloud storage service makes the user life easier at the time of mounting drives and files. Once the user learns about mounting through the software then they can easily do it on a regular basis.

Encryption in Mac

The best things about the software that users can encrypt files in each cloud service. For this, the user has to click on the CloudMounter icon, after it chooses the drive for encryption, and then click on Encrypt. When the user will go for encryption of files then at that time it will ask for creating and verifying the password. At this situation, users can choose Mac keychain for storing files or instead of it they can also choose password manager. With the software, users will be provided with proper security and safety. Encrypting files means you can use other drives for work without worrying that files will get open.

cloudmounter Encryption in Mac

Pros of CloudMounter:

  • The software integrates seamlessly with Finder.
  • It has the ability to work with multiple and big cloud services as well as with any service that supports WebDAV.
  • The best and most important thing is the encryption of files for security.
  • The app is free for main cloud services.

Cons of CloudMounter:

  • For unlocking more services user need to pay for a license.

So, CloudMounter is one of the most popular tools for cloud storage.

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