Will John Crestani Help You with Clickbank Affiliate Marketing?

One of the most lucrative ways to make cash online is by becoming an affiliate. The basic affiliate system works like this:

  • You source a product you figure will be a decent seller
  • You feature it on your website, blog or social media platform
  • You get a financial reward when people show various kinds of interest in your lead

Clickbank affiliate marketing is one of the most popular opportunities around, and no wonder –after all it sounds so incredibly easy to do. Who doesn’t want to get a piece of this kind of action; a way to make big money for doing almost nothing?

Clickbank affiliate marketing

But is this really all there is to it?

  1. We know that Clickbank is an incredibly popular website for buying and selling various information related products such as resources to help develop public speaking skills, or software to boost email marketing efforts.
  2. We know that the affiliate sign up process is very simple, requiring little more than adding some personal and banking data to web application forms.
  3. We know that once registered you are signposted to a marketplace page where the various items you can sell are listed, along with the affiliate commission selling them earns.
  4. We know that the general advice is to aim for items with at least a 40% commission rate, to compensate for the percentage Clickbank deduct from your sales as their cut.

But what we don’t really know is how to make this work when you are in a space where thousands of others are chasing the same dreams, with the same affiliate links! That’s why experts on clickbank affiliate marketing, like John Crestani, can be inspirational and provide you with the insight to make it to the top of the affiliate marketing pile.

What you can learn about Clickbank affiliate marketing from John Crestani

John’s knowledge which he generously shares covers so much, but here are some of the key things you will learn about:

  1. How to find your niche
  2. How to make money (of course)
  3. how to identify potential hot sellers
  4. The reasons why what others are selling is so important
  5. How to generate promotional links
  6. Why tracking links is important
  7. Where to post affiliate links for best results
  8. How to share affiliate links in a non-overly sales way
  9. What to say to encourage people to open the link
  10. How to make the best use of social media platforms
  11. The importance of a conversion page
  12. How to scale your business so it can fully develop before expanding

Is this enough to convince you that while anyone can give Clickbank affiliate marketing a whirl, actually making a serious success of it needs something extra. Something which you can actually get that from the amazing John Crestani, the expert in this field. Who would want to pass that opportunity up?

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