The Benefits of Data Protection

Digitization has created a vast trove of data that is constantly being collected and analyzed. While you might understand the value of collecting data about your customers, partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders, you might not know why data protection is just as important. Here are some of the benefits of implementing a data protection strategy … Read more

5 Security Tech You Can Actually Use

Technology has advanced immensely but so have security threats. While you have the tools to protect yourself better, criminals have also become more tech-savvy to counter these protective measures. Every 32 seconds, a hacker will attack someone online, which could easily be you. Hackers bypass digital locks through phishing, malware attacks, and social engineering. Even … Read more

Browser Hijackers: How to Spot and Remove Them

Browser hijackers, or malware that specifically alters browser settings without user consent, can be a huge pain. They can change your homepage and default search engine, inject advertisements, and even redirect you to malicious websites. If you’re not careful, they can even make drastic changes to your system. In this article, we’ll show you how … Read more

Five Paths To Better Hybrid Cloud Security

In the world of cloud computing, there are several different types of clouds. Public clouds are usually created to serve multiple organizations. Private clouds serve a single organization. Combining two or more of the different cloud types results in a hybrid cloud. Hybrid clouds are a magnificent, flexible, budget-friendly cloud solution. More importantly, they’re scalable … Read more

Cyber Security – What Makes It a Rewarding Career?

Cyber security protects computer networks and their data from theft, espionage, unauthorized access, or sabotage. Given the rise in cybercrime and the frequency of data breaches, data protection has become a necessity for all individuals and organizations. Knowing cybersecurity basics is important whether you work for a company, buy goods online, or just browse the … Read more

Different Ways a Hacker Can Gain Control of Your Digital Identity

It’s an ultimate nightmare scenario. You try to log into your social media accounts one by one, but your login credentials don’t work. In a state of panic, you try to access your banking and financial accounts, and it’s the same story. Soon, you realize that you’ve been hacked. But how did this happen? How … Read more

Why You Should Protect Yourself From Ransomware?

One of the most prevalent cybersecurity threats in the world that is making agencies worried about their data is ransomware. It is usually done by independent hacking cells, ex-workers, professional crime syndicates, or so-called hackers. The objective behind this crippling attack is to extort money from people in return for allowing them access to their … Read more

Digital Certificates vs. Digital Signatures: What is The Difference

Both the digital certificates and the digital signatures can be used if you have a certificate automation system on your computer server. Before knowing the difference between digital certificates vs. digital signatures, let’s know a little bit about both of them individually. Recommended: Best Cheap SSL Certificates Providers What is Digital Certificate? A digital certificate … Read more