Types of Virtual Phone Systems

Have you heard the term “virtual phone system”? Well, if not, it’s time for you to recognize this innovative technology. Though there is much to say about the contribution of traditional telephone lines in our day-to-day communication, our phones have changed as time passes by. Still, we should be grateful for the older version of … Read more

Top 5 Smart Watches That Are Worth Buying

No matter what you wear, accessories make your outfit look complete. If there is one way to accessorise your look, it is to wear a watch. Watches are a great way to accessorise your look minimally. If you have been planning to buy a watch for yourself or gift it to your loved ones, you … Read more

Top 10 Email Marketing Automation Tools

Email marketing is a significant part of the whole digital marketing process. It helps in nurturing leads and building relationships with them. However, managing so many emails manually can be a hectic task. So, you need to start using an email marketing automation tool. It is an effective and cost-friendly way to supercharge your email … Read more

5 B2B Business Ideas To Start This Year

B2B is a thriving market that is evolving year after year. First, the crisis forced many companies to give up some of their full-time employees. It turned out that it’s much more profitable to adopt outsourced services. Secondly, entrepreneurial activity is booming, so business services become more in demand. As a result, the business-to-business sector … Read more

The History and Applications of the Jobs-to-be-Done Theory

If you’re a product developer, chances are you’ve heard of the jobs-to-be-done theory. This theory has its roots in economics, and it’s a powerful tool for understanding customer behavior. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the history of the jobs-to-be-done theory and explore some of its applications. Recommended: Tips to Land the … Read more

5 Ideas for Business Growth in Modern Society

We have more than a few ideas for business growth in modern society The continuously changing business environment requires that you ensure you keep up to date with current market trends. Making sure you are flexible and open to change allows you to stay competitive in the fast-paced world of business. Here are five important … Read more

Equity management for remote operations

Even when offices become marginally busier, work continues to look substantially different for millions of individuals worldwide. Key trends accelerated by COVID-19, such as greater automation and remote recruiting, appear to be here to stay. According to Stanford and Chicago academics, even once the epidemic is ended, we may anticipate remote working to settle at … Read more

What It Take To Bring Transparency to Oil and Gas Supply Chain

As a consequence of technological developments, oil and gas industry companies are saving money, lowering emissions, and making their operations safer. As a result of digitalization, new technologies that link supply chains, improve efficiency, and lower prices are expected to have large-scale and long-term impacts on the oil and gas industry. With environmental and post-pandemic … Read more

5 characteristics that remote employees should have

Managing teleworkers is always a problem. (What do they do, after all?) Ease your plight – hire the right people. You probably have employees who work from home, too. You probably do too, at least for a while. Well, if you’re in the startup phase, when resources are limited, this is the most appropriate way … Read more