Best Canon Tripod for DSLR

Canon is based in Japan with a well-known brand name among 50 states on U.S soil. So far so good, they are known to be a major player in Camera Business, the top player. Though they have a great focus on extensive lines of Cameras and Lenses, they don’t focus on Tripods.

But, Hey Canon, keep up the good work, keep making great stuff!

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Canon Tripod for DSLR
Best Canon Tripod for DSLR

Best Canon Tripod for DSLR

Canon Tripods help to make the image stable and focused, which you all love to obsess on. Canon currently has two tripods in their line-up,

1. Deluxe 200

  • Quick-release 3-way pan head
  • 59.3” Maximum height
  • 21.7” Minimum height
  • Weight: 2.65 lbs
  • Quick set up

2. Deluxe 300

  • Quick-release 3-way pan head
  • Built-in Bubble level
  • Anti-skid feet
  • Quick-acting flip
  • Geared Centre column
  • 62” Maximum height
  • 23” Minimum height

They both are thoroughly designed to fit the whole Canon range but there is a catch, a big lens like a triple shooter would make the tripod unsteady. They both are budget gadgets for your loving cameras. Let’s be realistic here, no one would buy a sub $50 Tripod for a Lens that costs 10 times the price. Both of the Tripods use the same design, they both have three rest legs for stabilization attached to the centre pole of the Tripod.

Tripods differ in terms of functionality; one can use it for shooting a video or taking a photo. For the majority one Tripod is enough for both of the tasks. There are different designs for professionals, artists and enthusiasts to use the designs to their liking. The universal design as for the both Canon Tripods makes them useful for both of the scenarios. You can set all the legs of the tripod in a very simple step but they are not independently adjustable.

Deluxe 300 has quite a resemblance to ECO Tripods. The same design as 3 legs is attached to the center that could be adjusted through a cheap pivot mechanism. These types of solutions do not hold well with other designs, since its Canon, there might be some kind of good engineering been done, I hope so. Several reviews on Bestbuy said the same thing. These things were broking off from the pivot and falling off. Since there is $5 fix for it, changing the rivet and help your camera to not fall off the Tripod, that you love with your dear life.

The thing is, to maintain your expectations. A $40 Tripod is not as durable as their rugged and alloy subdue counterparts. For this price, it’s a fair choice if you treat them with care and gentle hands. The main area where your camera stuck, at least it made out of metal. The wheel helps you adjust the tilt and the ball adjusts the position.

Both products are purely for beginners, who are new to the world of photography. The second thing is availability, as it can be repaired but the Tripods itself are not available in every state as do their spare parts. I do not recommend to buy them; a cheaper more inferior tripod would work which you could change easily after some time when you are experienced enough. The above statement does not apply to the die-hard fans of Canon, you guys can shoot a professional shoot with it, I know.


There is quite some range out there, that you could buy from if you don’t like the Canon Tripods. As the market is revolutionized by E-Commerce, the severe competition has brought down the price. There are a lot of choices, one of the most top-rated Tripod is Victiv T72 Max for Photos, TYCKA Panorama ball head for video and Zomie Compact T for universal use.

You guys can save a lot of time just by heading to review forums and see the experience of different users. This could help you narrow down to a product, to your specific needs. I prefer Tripods that have each leg adjustable separately, so I can adjust the level, position, height and dynamic to my taste.

Canon Tripods are not the best offerings of the company that you can buy at the moment. They have amazing products in other departments but the hard truth, Tripods by Canon, not worth it. Their Rebel accessories are perfect, as they are universal with other tripods, you can get what you want.

Love your Canon,

Good Luck!

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