5 Brands Successfully Using Education to Engage

Brands can use education as a powerful tool to market themselves to potential customers or clients. They say that knowledge is power, and true to the age-old adage, knowledge is indeed is power. Most consumers according to research have been found to prefer content marketing that informs or educates them about a product or service. There are 5 brands that have successfully capitalized on this finding and are thus educating their customers in order to win business prospects. It is even interesting to note that even custom thesis firms are not being left behind when it comes to educating potential clients into enlisting their services.

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Brands Successfully Using Education to Engage

Here below are the 5 brands that are successfully using education to engage their potential customers:

1. Colgate

Colgate is a good example of brands that use education to engage with their customers. They don’t just simply advertise their product to their customers and wait for them to make their purchase decision themselves. They go the extra mile of ensuring that they educate people about the benefits of maintaining good oral hygiene. They have an official website that contains loads of information that educate people about the correlation of having good oral health and maintaining overall good health. You will find information about oral anesthesia and fillings and the oral changes that one should expect during pregnancy. Colgate’s Oral Care Center is jam-packed with all the crucial information about teeth health and general oral health. You will also be educated about the benefits of using the brand’s range of products so that when you finally decide to buy you are making an informed decision.

2. General Electric

General Electric is a good example of a company brand that takes pride in the core values it has. This is one technology company that is known to produce some of the most amazing machines worldwide. It uses cutting-edge technology to make the products that it sells to its customers worldwide. The company usually offers education on various science topics including their latest scientific discoveries that they are soon introducing into real-life use of their machines. General Electric sponsors various scientific festivals and contests in which participants are educated about their various products offerings.

3. Barclays

Sometimes banking is never easy for people who are not conversant with banking matters and therefore a little education about the sector can go a long way in enlightening them. This is exactly what Barclays Bank Group does to potential clients and customers. Most of the time lay people in banking often feel overwhelmed when a topic such as taxation, mortgages, or cyber security is mentioned. To help such people, educational content revolving around banking topics can really suffice. This is what Barclays usually does to help allay fears and concerns from their prospective customers thus turning them into loyal customers. Offering such educational content about banking also goes a long way in ensuring that customers told the truth. This helps to eliminate the bad stereotyping of banking corporations by clients to be bad. If you take a look at Barclays’ Code Playground, for instance, it is a website that’s dedicated to teaching children how to code. At the site children actually, get an engagement as well as entertainment with the graphics that exists there. And then at the end of it, all children finally get to learn something new that is really valuable.

4. Casper

You wouldn’t expect a brand that deals in mattresses to offer educational content to its customers. Well, Casper takes the subject of sleep and uses it to educate and engage their targeted customers. If you take a keen look at their Van Winkle’s blog, you will realize that it talks more about the scientific and cultural establishments of sleep. At the blog, you will find popular information about sleep such as how you can stop snoring, why sleep is important, as well as sleeping patterns of the notable writers.

5. Stanford University

Stanford University is known to offer various informative pieces to people who care to visit its various educational pages found on its official website page. Their educational approach seems somewhat unusual as it appeals more towards a specific audience. On average though, many people who are interested in getting higher education for themselves or for their children usually find the education provided to them to be quite helpful.


The above are just some of the 5 brands that are successfully using education to engage with their customers. However, there are many other brands out there that use a similar approach to keep their customers engaged and educated. There are also other academic papers websites including AceMyPaper that offer their clients loads of educational content to keep them engaged and informed.

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