Why Luxury Watches are Better Investments than Any Other Expensive Streetwear Accessories

Accessories are look finishers. You may wear an elegant suit, but with wearing only non-fabric accents, you can look a bit dull. Watches, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are a few essential accessories one can have. And funny enough, not wearing one on a formal occasion can make you look like a drape.

Like streetwear trends, wearing embezzlements can make its fits stand out. Thick chains, grills, and even cash guns are “hyped” products for this style. Not only that, but many would also put out big checks to buy these. They do not know that some are just everyday accessories stamped with famous brand names on it.

There are quite significant differences between streetwear and luxury wear accessories. Both need gold chains, but luxury wear seems to have a higher standard when it comes to watches. So, here are five reasons why luxury watches are better investments than any other streetwear accessories.

Why Luxury Watches are Better Investments than Any Other Expensive Streetwear Accessories

#1. Luxury watches are timeless fashion pieces.

A model like the Oris Big Crown Propilot is one of the best classic timepieces today. It’s an analog watch inspired by aviation built with modern features for durability. Not only it serves a classic resemblance, but it also speaks of longevity, hence the technology.

This is the reason why luxury brands are much appreciated. The designs that prominent brands put out are non-obsolete. If you look closely at old school watches, they still look similar to what luxury watch brands have released. These never go out of fashion. Streetwear brands, in contrast, would only dive with what’s trending, making watches less definitive with consumers.

#2. Making luxury watches need high-quality materials.

The materials made for luxury watches are top-tier materials. Gold, alloy, and diamonds are some to name, and it does not end from these. Luxury brands commit to manufacturing delicate materials into something creative. Some brands are ISO certified; otherwise, they can mislead consumers on what they portray.

Some streetwear brands also consider high-quality products, but there is more to this than meets the eye. If, by any chance, accessories from this category are poorly-made. If not, some are made with affordable materials and are patented to heighten the retail price.

#3. Luxury watches give truer social status.

You don’t often hear luxury brands in the mainstream market, and it’s because they focus on an exclusive lifestyle bracket. This goal is being patronized by many, and it’s not about boasting. Some would get the best of quality when it comes to watches as a mode of investment. Unless you’re a billionaire, then you can buy as much as you want and say otherwise.

The reason why luxury watches are more rich-emphasized is because of their real value. Like manufacturing, luxury brands are not known for synthetic leathers and sprayed plates. And if you have enough knowledge of this, you can’t just bear with people who wear expensive streetwear accessories. Especially when you already know the process.

#4. Luxury watches have dependable resell values.

There are times when people laugh at streetwear brands because of their resell values. In luxury accessories, you should behave otherwise. As much as luxury brands appeal to premium quality, streetwear accessories also play with doubtable worth. And with the given reasons above, you’ll know how to spot fake price tags all day.

5. You can wear luxury watches anytime and anywhere.

The question lies in how often you can use accessories. It will depend on the occasion and how versatile the piece looks wherever you bring it. And this is why luxury watches are to die for. Not only these give you higher status attributes, but these also allow you to use that status at any time of the day. Whether you’re at the park or mall, you can still look sleek, smart, and formal.


Sure, luxury brands may be difficult to invest in. Some may cost you your whole house, and some may leave your credit cards empty. But as a reality check, you can now know you’re investing in the right accessory. Like luxury watches, some counterfeit, labeled brands can deal with you badly. So make sure to buy something worth reselling in the future.

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