What is location-based push notification and how can it boost engagement?

When we talk about user retention and engagement. Push notification lies in the first place to drive the best conversion rates into your app. And when we program them according to location then this message mechanism is known as a location-based push notification.

The location-based push notifications have a misconception that; they are sent on the basis of the exact or current location. These Android push notifications or IOS notifications are generated on the basis of the data/ information provided by the user. After becoming an app, user companies also collect the IP addresses of the users.

So, now the question is that; how does it help boost engagement? Location-based push notifications have its own various advantages, such as: –

Android Push Notification

Benefits of Push Notification


If you are receiving the right offers, at the right time, in the right place, will you let it go? With location-based push notifications, you can secure this one important factor of user engagement.

Higher efficiency

With location-based push notifications, you can create more relevant and personal messages for your users. Personal communication can make a drastic change in user engagement.

Better Acuity

Information about your users is present in front of you, this information will help you to understand your competitors, what type of customers are more approachable, it also gives you the information about your performance and best region for further expansion.

So, How can you receive this better user engagement? Keep on reading……

There are various things you need to keep in mind, such as not acting aggressively. Companies tend to act too pushy by sending multiple Android push notifications, which can eventually result in turning off push notifications. This can result in better engagement from new users and can eventually make them a regular user.

Still, the question remains on how to boost user engagement.


Before sending any push notification to any user, you need to be aware of their demographic. The context of the notification needs to be relevant to them. It should be related to their country, state or city. You need to keep the data for their earlier engagement so that the notification contains information useful for a specific user. When this thing is done at a huge level it can result in better user engagement.

You have to give some power to your user over push notifications, they should be able to make the choice of when, where and how they want to receive these notifications.

Pitholes need to avoid

You need to understand your audience properly, you need to have a clear vision of what, when and how, you will be sending these notifications. If unfortunately, you send a wrong notification to a wrong user it can result in the loss of a user.

There are various companies with their dedicated apps who are using these notifications in the best way possible.


They have ready separate data for their Android push notification users and IOS users. They understood the importance of personalized messages, which also carried the target location measures. And It turned out helpful because users loved to get notified about the series they had watched. Eventually, this technique helped Netflix to retain the users for a longer time, which ultimately brought them greater conversions.

La Redoute

It is a French clothing line with a turnover of over $1 billion dollars. They took personalization to the next level which increased their click-through rate over 2-3 times. Just like another company they were going through an issue called abandoned carts. People tend to add items in their cart but leave them behind afterward. So to avoid this mishappening and to get better engagement, they started making highly personalized calls to their customers about their abandoned carts. They made sure that they are able to connect with their users so that completion of purchase can happen.


Airlines have been using android push notification for some time. Just like that JetBlue came forward with their own vision. They started notifying their customers about their flight schedule about leave information, one day before their flight. Which turned out to be a great idea, by profiting the company with better engagement.


In this highly competitive marketplace, it is very hard to stay in the competition. Right there user preference can become a solution for you to build a strong platform for users only.

Sending location-based Android push messages is one of the best marketing strategies which originally work out for you to drive serious and authentic conversions for your product and services.

If you know where you can get more sales and retention then you can invest your capital accordingly.

We hope that our piece helped to understand the complications of topics. Don’t forget to share your feedback down below in the comment box.