What are the Advantages of Disposable Mobile Phone Number?

Thinking Of Getting A Disposable Virtual Phone Number? Here Are 4 Ways It Could Benefit You

“What’s your number?”

Since the advent of instant messaging apps, perhaps this question isn’t as common anymore. But that doesn’t change the fact that you still need a number.

For instance, the creation of various social media and messaging accounts requires you to register. This is usually the case for verification, ensuring that you’re a real person and not a bot. It also opens another option for you to recover your account should you lose access to it.

Although this security measure isn’t perfect, this has become more and more common nowadays.

So while you don’t have as many people asking for your number anymore, it’s still very important that you have one.
Does this mean you should give out your personal number every time it’s asked of you? Not at all! Thanks to providers like Telnum, you can instead use a disposable phone number for such purposes.

Find out more about this convenient piece of tech and its advantages in the rest of the post.

Disposable Mobile Phone Number

Disposable mobile numbers, what are they?

Remember those disposable cameras where you could only get a few shots out of it? The principle is exactly the same.

This type of virtual number is meant to be disposed of as soon as it’s used. Unlike your regular VoIP number, you’ll never be able to use it to make a call or send a text.

But that doesn’t mean they’re useless. Although its usage is temporally and categorically limited, there are still a lot of benefits to it.

What do you get out of using one?

For as long as you use it for its intended purpose of verifying your account, you’ll enjoy various advantages such as:

Privacy protection

We’ve seen leaks happen. And it’s always scary because these companies that we’ve trusted with our personal information.

Although they normally take action immediately to patch up these leaks, you don’t want the entire world knowing what your personal number is, do you?

This is especially important because you probably use your personal number for important transactions like loans and bank accounts.

Having your number out there opens up the potential for identity theft which can cause a lot of financial trouble for you. All it could take is one chink in the armor for hackers to get in.

With a disposable number, this won’t be an issue at all. Even if they somehow get a hold of that, it would be pretty useless everywhere else.

This practically guarantees your privacy as far as giving out numbers is concerned.

Websites recognize it as a real number

When you register and use a particular number, they don’t really check for much except if you’re able to receive a verification code. That’s it.

This means you won’t have any trouble with registration and verification no matter where you are in the world.

The beauty of disposable numbers is that they’re universal. They don’t just work in certain areas. So on your part, all that needs to be done is actually have the number.

As far as those websites are concerned, it’s no different from giving out your personal number. In this case, why not go for the better option?

It’s very convenient

What most users love about disposable numbers is that it’s incredibly convenient.

Going at it the normal route, you’ll have to get a separate line to get a different number. This entails unnecessary costs for a number that you’re only going to use to protect your privacy.

Privacy is definitely worth going through lengths to protect, but what if there’s an easier and cheaper way? And take note, this way doesn’t in any way compromise your privacy at all. Wouldn’t that be the better option?

Removing all the roadblocks from fully protecting your privacy is your disposable number.

It protects you from spam

If you want to register to a site and you’re not sure just how safe your details would be, the best thing to do is not give it. But by that, we don’t mean letting go of any benefit you were hoping to get.

Still, we’re sure you don’t want to receive an endless stream of promotional messages. Or worse, you don’t want your personal number sold to a marketer who would spam you with so many calls and texts.

With this tech, you don’t ever have to worry about that happening. They can still technically send messages, but it won’t be going to your phone.

Although the usability of disposable numbers doesn’t last long, the advantages do! Long after you’ve used it for verification, you’d still be able to experience the benefits mentioned above.

So our advice? Never use your personal number again to register for non-essential things. There’s an easier, better, and more convenient option that you can opt for instead.