Ways To Update Your Computer Graphic Drivers

The computer graphic drivers are quite essential but unbeknownst to a lot of computer users. These software drivers help give your operating system and program the best usage of graphics hardware. Therefore updating your PC graphic driver is very important, especially if you are into PC gaming, Adobe Photoshop, Auto-card and Architectural designs which usually require a lot of computer graphics.

NVIDIA and AMD usually and frequently release new plates to improve performances majorly for new games and those into visual designs, so you need to be current with these updates. If you do not know how to identify your graphic cards, we advise that you take it to inside Tech for proper identification or you can check your built-in and third-party system information utilities.

Computer Graphics Driver

Here are the best and quite simple ways to get your computer graphic drivers updated frequently.

1. For proper updating of graphic drivers on Windows 10

It is recommended that you should update your graphics drivers only when necessary but with inset manufacturers frequently bringing out updates; it is quite essential, so you can enjoy the improved gaming experience, fix problems associated with designing and support all display types.


For the update, you first need to download the software that supports your computer brand. This software includes NVIDIA, AMD Radeon or Intel Driver, and if you are not sure which software corresponds with your brand, you can find out from inside Tech.

After downloading the graphic card app, you will be required to install it, which is quite easy.


Remember these graphic cards can also be downloaded manually from your manufacturer’s website if available. Once it is downloaded, you are to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to complete the installation process correctly.


A lot of companies offer assistant tools to help you just in case you do not know the model of your graphic cards. So these auxiliary tools help you check, download and install the latest Driver automatically without you moving a muscle.

Remember that to get the best version of graphic cards, you should try downloading or getting It from your laptop or desktop support website in the stead of Intel. Getting a key card that is not compatible with your brand may imply that the graphic cards may include missing features and configurations which may, in turn, give your computer some unexpected behaviors.

To see that your Driver has been updated successfully, you can follow these simple steps

  • Open start
  • Search device manager and click the top result
  • Double click on the key device or the one you want to update
  • Right-click the graphics device and select properties
  • Click on the driver tab
  • Then see the date and version information.

2. Updating graphics drivers using windows update on windows 7

Updating on windows 7 maybe just a little different from that of windows 10 so if you are not already familiar with it, you should consider taking it to a reputable computer service provider. But here are a few steps you need to follow to carry it out yourself.

  • Select the “start” menu” and go to “control panel.”
  • Select “systems and security” and select “windows update.”
  • Here, you click on the “Check for Updates” just in case you do not see any result yet. By clicking check for updates, you are instructing the system’s operating system to search and check for regular windows update for new drivers that have been made.
  • When you get the result, look for inset card drivers that mention your brand manufacturers such as NVIDIA, AMD or Intel graphics. This may be written in the main view or optional updates category
  • Then click on “install” and wait for the installation process to complete. You may also need to restart your computer.

Updating graphics card drivers on windows 7

  • You right-click on the Computer icon on your desktop and select properties then you open device manager
  • From here, you go to Audio, video and game controller. You should look for your graphics card here (NVIDIA, AMD, Intel)
  • Double click on the graphic card that corresponds with your brand. Switch to Driver and click on update driver.
  • Click “Search automatically for updated driver software.”
  • When you find the result that suits you, click on Next to install the Driver.

It is quite simple to find out if your graphic Driver is up-to-date. Click the device manager and look for the “drivers” tab. When you find the date, it is required that you update the driver to a newer version if it is more than two months old, but if it is not, you may want to wait a little while.

In conclusion, with the above-highlighted step by step procedure for

Updating your computer Drivers, if you are still having difficulty doing it, then you should probably contact professionals at Inside Tech.