The Technological Background Behind Online Gaming

Technology has become a necessity in our daily lives in many ways. We rely on it for both business and entertainment to the highest extent possible.

One of the ways it serves us for entertainment purposes is through online gaming, which is regularly practiced by more than 1 billion people worldwide. Online casinos offer all the games you can find in land-based gaming establishments — slots, table games, and live casino.

To make all this possible, online casinos use high-end technology that not many players know of. In case you are interested in the way these online entertainment tools are designed, read on below and see the example of how LeoVegas casino brings online gaming to you.

Online Gaming

Online Casino Software

Most online casino players often worry whether online casino games are random and fair. For this reason, online casinos use specific software that ensures the games don’t favor the casino.

To be precise, the software used to randomly choose the outcome of a game is called a Random Number Generator. They are approved by online gaming regulatory bodies and serve as a guarantee that the casino hasn’t manipulated any games on the site.

To make the concept of RNG easier to grasp, let’s take a look at an example of how the program works. Imagine that you are playing video slots in LeoVegas and are preparing to click on that “spin” button. Once you do that, the RNG activates and decides what symbols will appear on the reels, thus determining the amount of your total winning, if any.

Moreover, the rules and regulations concerning the randomness and the fairness of the games are very strict, and the casinos must follow them at all times. In other words, players can rest assured that they have actual chances of winning real money in online casinos.

Development of Casino Games

The process of games’ development requires the use of specific software as is the case with every other aspect of online casinos. Such software, like the one used by LeoVegas, is complex and has to be managed by professional programmers specialized for designing online casino games.

Most often, the developers use C++ to provide us with the best online gaming products. Along with C++, other quite common software or languages present in the online gaming industry include HTML, Java, and CSS.

If you’ve heard of these programs but have no idea what their purpose is, just remember that without them, it would be virtually impossible for you to play any of your favorite online casino games.

Mobile Casino Software

Although laptops and desktop computers are still widely used worldwide, smartphones are slowly stealing the show. Consequently, online casinos had no other choice than to adapt their platforms for mobile devices, just like LeoVegas did.

Again, special software had to be used to optimize online casino sites for working on portable electronic devices. The software in question is HTML 5, the computer language in charge of streaming games via your web browser.

HTML5 made it possible to log into your online casino account through your browser regardless of your smartphone model and play your favorite games without having to download any apps.

Safety and Security

Last but not least, online casinos use technology to ensure that your data and your transactions tied to their sites remain safe and sound. Nowadays, online casinos use the famous Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect their players’ sensitive information. LeoVegas is one of those casinos, meaning that it promises a safe playing environment.

The job of the SSL encryption is to protect the information from anyone else’s prying eyes apart from the server you want to share it with.