What You Don’t Know About Modern Data Recovery?

On the surface, data recovery looks so simple. It is a process wherein data is accessed, repaired, and restored from inaccessible or damaged hard drive. This will recover data quickly and give you access to the files you thought were lost once your computer or hard drive stopped functioning. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as … Read more

5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Data Backup Process

Backing up your data is a very complicated project. Even if you decide to use a commercial software program like ottomatik, you must do several things for the process to be successful. Besides, many risks are associated with the process. You may end up losing your data during the backup process. If such a mishap … Read more

How to Recover Data From Damaged SSD Drive?

How to recover data From Damaged SSD Drive

Consider a situation where sudden power failure results in SSD Drive damage. Suppose, you were working on SSD drive-equipped system and an unexpected power outage occurred. The very next moment when the power is back, you restarted the system, but unfortunately, power loss happened again. You waited for a few hours, but it did not … Read more

Top 5 Hazards of Not Having Data Recovery Support

data recovery support

Today in the world of technology, use of computers, smartphones, USB, memory cards etc. is extremely common and is increasing day by day for data storage like office work, college assignments, pictures, songs, movies and a lot more. But this ease can be converted into a nightmare if all data gets deleted from computers or … Read more