How to Tackle Helen Doron International Franchising

Since Helen Doron founded the Helen Doron Educational group three decades ago, the group has grown in leaps and bounds. It has long since become among the top educational franchises in the world. The franchise has amassed almost 90 Master Franchisees, 900 Learning Centers concentrated in 36 countries, which are scattered across 5 continents. It is an excellent franchise to buy into, especially if you have a passion for education. How exactly do you go about buying an international educational franchise?

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Helen Doron International Franchising

Buying an educational franchise is not something to take lightly, or in haste. This is a long-term investment that requires you to invest quite a bit, and you should take all the time you can to find out everything about the franchise you are about to buy.

Due Diligence

International Franchising, just like any other franchise requires you to do your due diligence before buying into it. The Helen Doron Education Group has instant name recognition, but for many obvious reasons, you still need to get down to the little details like understand the company’s inner workings, from top management to bottom. This is the only way you will get to understand how the company operates, its visions, missions, and values.

You need to understand the methodologies, so you have to talk to the people who develop the programs. You have to meet the crew who will be in charge of marketing, training and all business logistics. Ask all the pertinent questions and note the answers carefully. As you assess the franchisor, they are also making their evaluations on how reliable you are as a business partner. Most of what you do will be as an independent party. However, you have no option but to depend on the head office to deliver on their promises.

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A franchise system consists of several components:

  • Costs: You have to pay the initial franchise fee, which is non –refundable. You may also incur other costs, which you need to be clear about before you buy into the franchise.
  • Royalty Payments: You have to pay continuing royalty payments, which are for the right to use the franchise name.
  • Advertising fees: You might be asked to pay into an advertising fund
  • You should also consider if the Franchise offers training and support services, how long the Franchisor has been in business and their reputation in the industry.


The Helen Doron Education Group takes your franchise venture seriously, and they will guide you from the ground until you succeed. They have a passion for education and for teaching English as a Second Language; therefore any franchise is highly welcome.

When buying a franchise, especially an International one, you are not just buying any franchise, but an internationally recognized one. The instant name recognition is a bonus, but you are not buying a product. You are getting into a business that has long established itself and is already part of the wider community.

You must be sure about the franchise and its ability to deliver. It has to be a solid world-renowned brand that will definitely rocket you to success.

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