Samsung Galaxy S9 the Biggest of Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S8 did not get physical keys on the front panel. Now everything is all on the onscreen keys. And, the new Samsung Galaxy S9 will follow the league.

Samsung Galaxy S9

In the S8, will always be in the middle is the key home, which responds to the pressing force and vibrates. Due to this a couple of days of using the smartphone you get used to it, and even when the operating area is not active, you can click on the location of the key “Home” and exit the application. But the additional keys “back” and “a list of running apps” can be interchanged.

Display is the main feature Galaxy S8. The first wow-effect is achieved by the fact that the housing is less than the 5.5-inch then S7 Edge placed 5.8-inch display! It has a non-standard resolution 2960 × 1440 pixels, and the same non-standard aspect ratio 18.5: 9. But as the matrix itself, then there is nothing unusual to Samsung – it’s juicy quality Super AMOLED, and it will get better with the Samsung Galaxy S9.

If you, for whatever reasons, not satisfy with the image and the colors on the display – it can be corrected. You have access to several modes of operation of the screen to choose from, as well as the ability to manually change the white balance. As for the other pieces of the screen, the first – you can change the display resolution. The choice available: HD + (1480 × 720), FHD + (2220 × 1080) and the aforementioned already WQHD + (2960 × 1440). The first mode is useful when you need to save precious battery power. The second mode is, I think the most appropriate and by default it is running on a smartphone. Well, the same WQHD + will come in handy if there is a desire to use the smartphone for VR. I’m sure this all should be beyond your imagination, and Samsung is making it possible every year. And, next year surprises will come with the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Talking more about the display, the next chip is “blue filter” or night-screen mode for those who like to watch movies or read before bedtime. The third feature is the Edge-panel. Despite the fact that the display is bent in the S8 is not as strong as it was in the Edge-smartphones, left sidebar here. You can completely customize it as you wish. Endure to applications, contacts, weather, and music player for quick access. Due to the fact that Samsung is not the first year of active use Edge-panel, Galaxy Apps, you can find a bunch of apps from third-party manufacturers. This won’t end here; Samsung is going to pack bunch of more features in the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The above information refer to the upcoming Galaxy S smartphone flagship, and may be it is little early to say this is the only information that will be true, because the release date is still 9 months away from now. And, meanwhile we will hear a lot that could bring more expectations to the Android fans. So, let’s wait for the biggest launch of 2018 i.e. Samsung Galaxy S9 release date.