6 Reasons to Consider Getting an Online Computer Science Degree in 2022

If you want a degree that will pretty much guarantee you a job with a great salary over the next decade, it’s hard to go wrong with computer science, and that’s probably why it’s one of the most popular degrees right now. Computer science degrees have also become more accessible over the last few years partly because of advances in remote education. Computer science is a perfect fit for online learning, and if you are thinking of going into the field, going for an online degree might be the best decision you ever make. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why getting an online computer science degree is a great idea.

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Computer Science Degree

Lower Costs

One of the biggest benefits of online degrees, in general, is that they tend to be cheaper. While the savings you’ll make on tuition will often be minimal, you’ll be able to save money in so many other ways. You won’t have to pay for all the campus fees that usually are attached to traditional programs, for instance. You also won’t have to think about things like student housing or relocating and you won’t have to spend as much on transport. So, don’t underestimate all the savings you could make by going with an online degree.

Advance Your Career

If you’re already in the field, getting an online degree could allow you to advance your career while still maintaining your current position. You could also get a chance to apply some of the things you learn in your program and stand apart where you are. This could open the door to promotion before you even complete your advanced degree.

You could get an online master’s in computer science from Baylor University and find work as a software architect, UNIX system administrator, security engineer, or software developer. All of these positions pay near or over the six-figure mark and are only accessible to people with a master’s degree. You could graduate in about two years or less online while still keeping your ability to earn. So, if you are ready to work on bigger and better things and get compensated for it, you should definitely look at online programs.

Make a Smoother Transition from Another Field

Online programs are also a great option for people in fields like mathematics, engineering, or any computer-related field who would like to make the jump to computer science. The program we mentioned earlier allows people from those fields to use their credits to fast track their way to a master’s in computer science. Online degrees could give you the chance to enter a field with bright prospects and bring some of the knowledge you gathered from your current profession with you.

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Great Number of Options

The fact that you can follow classes from the comfort of your home or anywhere with an internet connection means that you can choose from a much broader set of schools. You can go with a school in a neighboring state or city, the other side of the country, or one overseas.

Since online computer science degrees don’t require that much in-person engagement, you won’t have to travel that much for face-to-face assignments. This is still something you have to think about, however, so know what these engagements are before you enroll in a program.

With an online degree, you’ll have the choice to follow classes either part-time or full-time, during the evenings, or on the weekend. This type of flexibility will allow you to manage your workload better and maintain a healthy work/life balance. Not only that, but it will allow you to test the waters and see if computer science is truly the right choice for you without sacrificing your career.

Beef Up Your Resume

Whether you want to qualify for a higher position in IT or move to a different field, having a computer science degree on your resume will never hurt. There are so many positions where your knowledge of computer science could come in handy.

Computer science graduates learn how to manage networks, and how to compile, analyze, interpret, and present data. These are all skills that could help you qualify for managerial positions. Companies may ask you to help improve their processes as a lean manager, for instance. Alternatively, you could work as a consultant or be considered for executive roles that require a deep knowledge of data science. So, don’t assume that a computer science degree will open doors to careers in IT only.

At the end of the day, more jobs will require knowledge of IT in the future, and anyone with a background in the field will have an advantage. Even mechanics will soon need to have an IT formation so they can work on autonomous and electric vehicles, not to mention all the systems that will be automated due to advancement or a need to cut costs. You might be surprised by the type of positions that already require people to have at least an IT foundation and getting a degree will put you in a perfect position to fill them.

Online Computer Science Degrees are Just as Good as Traditional Degrees

Online degrees are just as good and respected as traditional degrees. Computer science and online learning go hand in hand and studying remotely will help you learn how to work and collaborate using remote tools, which is an essential skill to have in this day and age.

You should also know that there is no way for an employer to know that you got your degree through an online program. What you need to focus on the most is the prestige of the school. As long as you go with a reputable school with an accredited program, you’ll get the same level of education as anybody else, and your degree will be respected just the same.

As you can see, there are tons of reasons why getting an online computer science degree makes perfect sense. If this is a field you could see yourself entering or you are ready to take the next step in your computer science career, look at all the options that are open to you.

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