10 Reasons the Death Star Project Failed

We all have been the face that, at the beginning of any project, we started excitedly. We do all required research, meeting with a client, plan well, work together as a team and get to work. Yet, somehow along the way, we feel that things are falling apart. Commitments are not served, and deadlines are missed. Boss and customer both are dissatisfied.

This feeling is awful, especially when you have tried your best, but due to some loophole, your project failed. In such scenarios, the question is why projects with great potential fail in such a large number? Multiple reasons for that. Here we have listed a few that are significant reasons behind any project failure.

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10 Reasons the Death Star Project Failed

10 Reasons Behind Your Project Failure

1. Incomplete project requirement:

Complete project requirement is must for any project to get a start on time and end on time. You have to consider how the whole will work and what you need for that. What are the requirements and details you want? An incomplete set of information creates only doubt and leads to confusion, missing deadlines, and an unsatisfied client.

2. Risk reorganization:

No project is vulnerable when you have everything planned. With any new project, you must have to conduct a risk assessment. It will identify all the risk threats and opportunities irrespective of the size of the project.

3. Risk management:

Once you know potential risks, it is time to look for risk management. First, be protective of any possible potential problems. Then, in advance, plan troubleshoots and respond as soon as possible once it occurs.

4. Leadership issue:

When team members are working hard for any project, in rare cases, the team leader is somewhat unsupportive or unavailable in case of questions or doubts by following team members. So make sure as a team leader, you will be available to help with any questions. Also, always open to any new ideas and suggestions.

5. Lack of Alternative solutions:

The main objective of any project is to complete the project on time as per the customer’s requirements. And when you start the projects, it is evident that problems may arise, but you have to consider alternative solutions to meet the end goal. So don’t always jump for the first idea or decided path; sometimes alternative approach also works.

6. Repetition of mistakes:

To become successful, don’t only read the stories of successful people but learn from people’s mistakes to avoid the same situations in the future. It is valid for the project as well. Hold retrospect after each project. Analyze what worked best and what worked worst. Then, decide how to improve and apply it in the next project.

7. Unrealistic demands from clients:

Every time team is not reasonable for project failure. For example, sometimes clients asked for unrealistic demands, and yes, the answerable person said yes to all of them without a second thought. Instead of following this approach, always discuss with the team before the final answer. You can also offer several feasible options and let the client choose.

8. Insufficient resources:

To complete any project on time, you need the full support of the team and all the resources they need. As a team leader, you must provide the best you can or rethink the plan. In this way, you can encourage your team to do their best.

9. Poor team morale:

A good mood, good environment, and support from the boss can lead to a higher result. That is why try to create a happy environment, and you have visible results in terms of progress.

10. Distraction:

Make sure you give each teammate the tasks they are in specialized. Don’t think that your team members can do more than one task at one time. Multitasking is a good thing, but it is for sure a productivity killer. That’s why try to do the work and focus on the work that is on hand. It will surely give you better results.

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10 Reasons the Death Star Project Failed

It is all about 10 major reasons behind any project failure. Learn from your mistakes and keep your project in safe hands and safe deadline. What are your views?

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