Parental Control Apps to ensure your Kid’s Safety Online

Nowadays, most parents are worried about their kid’s online safety than ever before. However, there are many parental control apps to help you observe your kid’s online activities. These security apps come in handy in today’s digital age; they educate and restrain kids from accessing adult content.

What are the parental controls for smartphones? Read on to find out.

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Parental Control Apps

1. Bark

Unlike other typical parental controls, Bark strikes a balance between safeguarding kids online and respecting their right to privacy. Besides, it’s one of the best free parental control apps for iPhone and Android.

It checks on issues to do with sexting and mental health concerns. While it restricts parents from accessing their kid’s online activities, it watches for potential online risks and recognizes any language that may be of interest.

2. Qustodio

Qustodio is yet another handy app, and you can download the qustodio free app online. From the dashboard, it’s easy to review your child’s mobile activities and the time spent on specific sites. If you notice that your kid tries to access inappropriate sites, speak to them about exchanging their phone for cash and acquire a better one when they become of age.

If they agree, visit swifttechbuy, sell the device, and get paid instantly. This way, your child will stay away from online risks or predators. The app also supports you to set time limits for some websites, trace messages, and obstruct inappropriate sites. You can use the Qustodio to manage gadgets for kids of different ages

3. Safe ToNet

Safe ToNet is a messaging app that filters harmful messages. It also analyzes any changes in a kid’s behavior and informs parents in case of any suspicious changes. If you have an android mobile and not sure how to set parental controls on Android internet, the app comes with a guide to help you out.

Here is infographic about the most dangerous apps for kids which parents should know and keep their parents away from these.

most dangerous apps for kids