How to Fix Your LG G4 that won’t turn on or Boot Up?

LG G4 phone wont turn on or charge [Solved]

When it seems to found LG G4 wont turn on error, then don’t get panic. Of course, you can find the best steps that help you to overcome from the faults quickly and get rid of it immediately. However, some users may have this problem where their LG G4 is not turn on or boot up regularly. Besides this, it helps them to choose the best solution and immediately identifies the problem.

On the other hand, the folks have to choose the simple steps that help them to overcome charging issues and others. In fact, this belongs to the LG Android Smartphone which accesses you to take ultimate experience by repairing by your intelligence. Most often, the people have to look the prior solution that enables to rectify the turn on issues completely.

How to Fix Your LG G4 that won’t turn on or Boot Up

For those who need to fix lg g4 wont turn on, then you can opt for these simple procedures to overcome this fault. However, this belongs to the right direction and helps them to access with the simple steps for overcoming the suitable replacement options. Here, the given steps surely allow you to clear the Turn on issues faced by LG G4.

Hit the power button several times

At first, you need to press the power button several times to identify what type of problem occurs in the mobile. However, this makes you clear if there is a boot up problem for your LG G4. You can press the power button several times and notice the changes in the repair solution. But, some users often find the same fault continues after pressing a long time.

Boot to recovery mode and wipe cache partition

When you often get the same problem after a reboot, and then go to the boot recovery option. If you wish to boot the smartphone, then this step allows you to clear Turn on a problem without any trouble. The below steps will be useful for the users who need to go for reboot recovery option quickly.

  • At first, hold the volume up, home and power buttons at same time
  • When the phone vibrates, then chooses power button until the Android System recovery screen appears
  • By utilizing the volume down button, wipe cache partition is appear and press the press button to select it
  • You need to clear the cache partition completely
  • After cleaning of cache partition, then LG G4 will reboot automatically

Boot to safe mode

When you decide to solve turn on the problem with the help of safe mode, then you can opt for using run on pre-loaded apps. In addition to this, you can see another application which was causing issues to your phones. So, you have to follow the steps for booting to safe mode without any hassle.

  • Hold the power button same time
  • After the LG screen appears, choose power button and hold volume down key at the same time
  • When it restarts, then it takes you to safe mode text which is visible to you
  • The user finds it at bottom left corner of the screen

Get technical support

When there are no benefits of lg g4 not turning on, then without any delay visit the technical assistance center. You need to hire the LG service technicians who clear these issues entirely and back to the normal life. They physically check and analyze the damage and solve it immediately. Apart from this, the power button sometimes not works correctly, and you need to change it.


It is very common for the Smartphone users to realize this turn on problem. However, they need to identify it and do the simple steps for overcoming the turn on issues for your LG G4. So, you can fix yourself by doing the above steps.

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