Keep Your Phone Truly Secure with New Encryption Technology

We live in an era of incredible communications technology, but innovations this impressive and powerful can also be a double-edged sword. The number of high-profile hacks targeting businesses and prominent political parties have risen in the last few years, and seems set to continue in 2019 and beyond.

While awareness of these threats has become mainstream, people, businesses and even companies are not responding to the risk adequately. The use of text messaging and emails on ordinary smartphones to conduct business is continuing unabated, even though an experienced hacker needs only 15 minutes or so to crack into a Gmail account.

Whether you’re running a business or you’re simply a citizen looking to safeguard your communications, getting a proprietary smartphone with end-to-end encryption modified with file encryption for Android is the only way to guarantee that your confidential communications remain private. Read on to learn more about why you need it today.

Keep Your Phone Truly Secure with New Encryption Technology

Data Harvesting is Scary

As mentioned, experienced hackers can crack into a Gmail account or SMS chat messaging in a matter of minutes, and once inside they can obtain valuable and damaging information about you or your company.

Once they acquire this sensitive information they can exploit it for blackmail. If the info they learn involves trade secrets, they can undermine your business. If it has to do with banking information, credit card numbers, or other important passwords, they can drain your finances and cause you serious aggravation.

Using an encrypted smartphone is the only way to ensure that the messages you send can only be read by the intended recipient.

Threats Beyond Hacking

Another trick cybercriminals use to gain access to your system is known as ransomware, which involves tricking unsuspecting users into installing a devastating virus on their own computer. It’s known as “ransomware” because once it is installed the hacker can take total control of your computer, and only give it back after receiving a ransom.

Ransomware encrypts all the information you have on your network or computer, preventing you from accessing your own computer. At this stage, the hacker threatens to delete all your files unless you pay them money.

One common and pernicious way to get it inside your computer involves “phishing spam.”

Secure Phones Have Never Been So Functional

Unlike encrypted phones of even a few years ago, today’s encrypted technology lets users easily avail themselves of features common to all smartphones: they can send and receive text messages, group chat, share images, and more. You can get world-class security on a phone that lets you do all your day-to-day business.

There are also extra features to safeguard your communications too, like duress and tamper-proofing, auto-delete, and multi-layer integrated encryption.

The modern world has some incredible inventions with awesome potential, but it’s essential to take basic precautions and only use encrypted devices that let you do everything you need to while also keeping your private data totally secure.