Importance of Virtual Meetings for Your Business

This year virtual meetings have become the default form of business communication. The slow and gradual trend transformed into a complete revolution, in no small part due to the coronavirus. With workers stuck at home, the only way to communicate was digitally. As such, companies turned to the video conferencing software available on the market.

Priorly, many organisations have been wary of such services, and remote work in general. There was a belief that workers would be less productive and more readily distracted at home. However, the pandemic has challenged and overturned many of the prior assumptions.

Importance of Virtual Meetings for Your Business

In this article, we’ll explore the primary benefits of virtual meetings and their importance to businesses.

Cut costs and emissions

Gone are the days of the jet-setting business person. Consider the costs involved. First, there was the flight. But also, the taxis and trains to and from the airport. Then, there were hotels, meals and other expenses. A simple trip could run into the hundreds or thousands. In contrast, with a virtual conference, you can connect with people by merely clicking a button. Why visit the world, when the world can come to you?

Plus, with companies increasingly environmentally conscious, such emissions-heavy travel seems a relic of the past. Today, efficiency and convenience are preferred.

However, it’s not just the long journeys to the airport. With the virtual meeting, you cut out the commute too. This daily grind produced millions of tons of carbon dioxide every year. And it cost employees a small fortune.

The world at your doorstep

We’ve mentioned the cost-cutting to reduce travel, but there are additional opportunities. Depending on the nature of your business, being able to connect with clients worldwide creates new revenues streams. No longer are you restricted to a customer in your local area. You can connect with clients anywhere in the world, communicating as easy as you would with someone in a neighbouring state.

Furthermore, you can also attract the best talent. You can hire employees from the world’s talent pool. They don’t need to move to your town or city. They can stay right where they are. It makes no difference.

One drawback many companies worry about is their employees’ backdrops. Without the swish office, meetings may seem unprofessional with a background of a messy home. Thankfully, there is already a solution. Choose a zoom virtual background by Hello Backgrounds, to disguise any house using the latest green screen technology. So, whether you prefer fresh, natural vistas or stylish and professional offices, the choice is yours.

An incredible array of tools

One of the fantastic features of tech is the possibilities which accompany it. What was once purely in your imagination, is now a regular feature of everyday life. Tech opens doors and broadens horizons. As such, virtual meetings can be enhanced by using an incredible array of tools.

Here are some ideas:

Recording your meetings:

By recording sessions, you create a permanent record for future reference. No longer do you need to review minutes or ask a colleague for a breakdown. You can watch the real thing in real-time. It’s also a fantastic resource for training new starters.

Virtual whiteboards:

This amazing bit of software provides the ideal visuals to enhance any meeting. If you want a brainstorming session: use a virtual whiteboard. Fancy sketching out an idea or concept to make it easier to understand, try the virtual whiteboard. Or if you simply want an icebreaker, use a virtual whiteboard for Hangman or Pictionary.

Screen sharing:

Whatever you can display on your monitor, can be shared with the entire group. So, if you have a new piece of software you want to showcase, screen sharing is ideal. You can also use it for the classic PowerPoint presentation. In short: you’re only limited by your imagination.

Productivity and efficiency

In stark contrast to initial assumptions, virtual meetings can boost productivity and efficiency. By making communication more accessible, and providing a multitude of tools and options, a session can be tailored to the needs of the attendees. Information can be more clearly conveyed. Collaboration is enhanced. It takes a little extra work at first, and obviously, people need time to adapt. However, in the long run, this revolution in communication will provide incredible cost-savings as well as an array of options, making it invaluable to all companies.