How to Properly Charge a New iPhone?

In 2023, it is not only difficult to choose a new working iPhone, but it is also expensive. Because of this, buying an Apple smartphone automatically turns into a lottery. Many people after the purchase begin to take care of it so that it lasts as long as possible. Everyone knows that the iPhone battery is one of its weakest points. For some users, it fails even a year later, although the service life is designed for at least one and a half to two. A burning question arises. How to properly charge a new iPhone for the first time and what to do to extend battery life?

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How to Charge iPhone For The First Time

Previously, when buying a phone, you probably heard advice from the seller that the battery must be dropped to zero and then fully charged. And it is advisable to repeat this several times, avoiding intermediate recharging. Allegedly, this must be done in order to overclock a new battery in a smartphone, as it has a memory effect.

It is often written on the Web that lithium-ion batteries do not have a memory effect – it is a thing of the past, since this was only in nickel-cadmium batteries. That is, sellers advise you to charge your smartphone incorrectly, based on old knowledge? Actually, not really.

It turned out that back in 2013, scientists discovered the memory effect in lithium-ion batteries. The result showed that when partially charged, the cell voltage drops, as a result of which the maximum capacity of the battery is reduced and the battery indicator is incorrectly displayed. And this is quite applicable not only to electric cars, but also to ordinary gadgets. Does this apply to smartphone owners?

Is It Possible to Discharge iPhone to Zero

As you remember, Apple recommends keeping the charge on the iPhone within 40-80%. At the same time, there is no ban on complete discharge, and recommendations are not at all binding, so you can still completely discharge your iPhone.

Yes, and you really won’t be able to do this, Because even with the smartphone completely turned off, over 15% of the charge remains for the system to work. For example, the same Locator to search for an iPhone. This will be prevented by a special protection function that prevents the battery from being discharged to absolute zero, otherwise it will become unusable. Just know that when 2-3% is on the screen, the battery actually has about 20% of the real charge.

At the same time, Apple still gives the correct recommendation, advising to keep the charge on the iPhone within 40-80%. Thus, you not only save full charge cycles (from 0 to 100%), but also reduce the waste of battery resources from repeated charging, called the depth of discharge.

In simple words, the more charge the iPhone has when plugged into an outlet, the less degradation of the battery at the chemical level. So it’s better to stick to 40-70% than to charge to 100% and discharge to 10% as the depth of discharge will be 30% and 90% in both cases respectively.

How to Extend Battery Life On iPhone

At the same time, it appears from the study that scientists found only a small memory effect in the battery. In fact, the impact on the loss of battery performance is almost negligible, and the purpose of the experiment was only to detect it. This is acknowledged by Peter Novak, co-author of the publication, noting that the memory effect will not interfere with the use of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles and, apparently, in other smart gadgets.

So, if, when replacing a battery, you are offered to discharge it first and then fully charge it, know that the person is partly right. It’s probably better to follow his advice than not do it, keeping in mind how much it costs to replace a battery on an iPhone these days. Whatever one may say, even if the capacity drops by 10% in a year and a half if the recommendations are implemented, without them it could happen a week or a month earlier. It definitely won’t get worse if you follow the advice.

What to Do If Your iPhone Battery Is Draining Fast

In general, in our articles, we always recommend that you listen to the recommendations of manufacturers when using a battery in a smartphone and not invent a bicycle. Even if you can’t follow all the tips, try to follow at least some of them – this is already good.

For example, if you can’t maintain a charge within 40-80%, charge your smartphone up to 100%, leaving it overnight – this will not have a significant effect on the battery, apart from a slight heating.

Built-in protection in the adapter and in the smartphone itself will protect you from power surges, provided that you use a high-quality accessory, preferably with MFi certification.

Even with the maximum non-compliance with all recommendations, the smartphone’s battery will last for a year. The owners of the iPhone 14, although they complain about the rapid loss of capacity, the problem is not massive, since everyone uses the device in different ways in different conditions.

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At the same time, it is important to remember that temperature fluctuations affect the iPhone battery the most. Both low and high are harmful, so it is better not to play on the smartphone while it is charging. The best thing to do is to remove the cover and leave it for a while until the temperature returns to normal. Yes, and you need to cool it properly, and not put it in the refrigerator.

Most importantly, do not trust the iPhone battery capacity figures in the settings, as they may not change for months, and then decrease before your eyes after an iOS update. In the end, remember that the battery is a consumable, like, for example, brake pads in a car. You won’t use them less so as not to change them as late as possible, right?

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