Germany’s 2nd Largest Stock Exchange Boerse Stuttgart Launches Crypto Trading

Germany’s 2nd Largest Stock Market, Boerse Stuttgart, has launched a new cryptocurrency exchange called Crypto Trade. This latest exchange has many advantages. Its investors get the most competitive market prices, as the average number of orders has reached almost 900,000 per month. This new exchange also allows you to trade cryptocurrency like fiat currencies to trade bitcoin in the comfort of your home.

As the second-largest stock exchange in Europe, the Boerse Stuttgart Group has launched its own digital asset exchange open to residents and investors throughout Germany and the European Economic Area. Customers can now trade Bitcoin against the Euro directly without a broker, and the exchange aims to develop an infrastructure for institutional investors, including banks. Crypto traders can expect the new exchange to be operational in the second half of this year.

German Stock Exchange

German Stock Exchange

Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Bison

The German stock exchange is one of the top three markets for crypto. However, many investors have yet to see the benefits of cryptocurrency as an investment vehicle. The new exchange’s product is currently available in USD and launched in the Euro. With a market cap of EUR 68.5 billion, this exchange is ready to expand its offerings. It also aims to attract institutional investors to the cryptocurrency market, enabling more investors to invest.

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is among the first European markets to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Its first exchange, BISON, is expected to open by this year. It will initially be available to German residents, but users in other European countries can expect it to operate twenty-four hours a day. In addition, it is expected that support for more crypto-currency will come in future updates.

Boerse Stuttgart Group and Bison

The newest cryptocurrency exchange is in Germany, and the Boerse Stuttgart Group is leading the way. It has created Bison, a mobile app for trading in bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Bison is a free application, so it’s easy to use and allows users to trade in cryptocurrencies without paying any fees. Bison is available in the German language for Android 4.4 and iOS 9+ devices. Unlike the Robinhood app, Bison has zero trading fees.

Besides Bitwala and Solarisbank, the BSDEX also has banking and technology partners. The banks are Bafin and ECB-regulated. Last year, Bitwala and Bitbond partnered with Solarisbank to provide crypto-friendly bank accounts. In March, Bitbond joined the group and launched a crypto-friendly bank account.

Stuttgart Stock Exchange

Founded in 1889, the W├╝rttembergische Hypothekenbank was the first stock exchange in Stuttgart. In 1920, the company’s headquarters were at Schellingstrasse 4. In 1924, the stock exchange was relocated to the Commerzbank building, renamed the Stuttgart securities exchange. The Stuttgart stock exchange now lists 146 shares with a capital of DM 6.8 billion.

In July, the company announced plans to launch crypto-based trading. The Stuttgart Stock Exchange will use a digital currency called Crypto Trade to allow its clients to trade cryptocurrency in their stock accounts. In addition, the Stuttgart stock exchange has a new website, which will make trading on the crypto-currency easier. It will also be possible to trade Bitcoin and ETH on the Stuttgart exchange.

With a trading volume of EUR 68.5 billion in 2019, the Stuttgart Stock Exchange is the ninth largest stock exchange in Europe. The Stuttgart Stock Exchange also features active limit monitoring, intelligent order types, a transparent fee model, and trading under public law supervision. In September, the Stuttgart Stock Exchange also launched an online startup marketplace called Starbase, allowing users to search the German startup ecosystem.

The Bison app will launch in September and will be available for free. A prototype of the Bison app was unveiled at a trade fair in Stuttgart. The interface is currently only available in German, but the company says it plans to add English language support. Many traders complain about the hoops involved in trading crypto. However, the Bison app boasts a very straightforward identity verification process.

Final Words

The Stuttgart Stock Exchange has launched two new segments in its trading system. The Bondx segment will trade fixed-income securities, while the 4x segment will trade international shares. The new regulations for the Stuttgart Stock Exchange will focus on meeting the needs of both private investors and special securities classes. The Stuttgart Stock Exchange has also introduced a capped transaction fee, making it one of the first stock exchanges in Europe to implement such a system.