Here Are the Reasons You Should Consider Getting an EMP Shielding Bag

Do you have a high-end smartphone? Are you searching for an effective way to protect it from electromagnetic pulse (EMP)? Then you likely need to invest in an EMP shielding bag.

But what exactly is an EMP blast? In simple terms, it is a strong burst of energy. It has the potential to wipe out electrical systems, depending on its size and intensity. An EMP blast can happen through natural or man-made origins.

Unfortunately, the United States may fall on its knees when an EMP attack happens. For regular citizens, you need to protect your valuable electronics from EMP blasts, regardless of their origins.

Continue reading below as we the value of investing in EMP protection.

EMP Shielding Bag
EMP Shielding Bag

EMP Shielding: Why Your Gadgets Need One

Even if you’re using expensive smartphones, they are still susceptible to the effects of an EMP blast.

It is important to note that two types of pulses come from an EMP. There is the low-frequency pulse and the high-frequency pulse. The low-frequency type can cause damages to large-scale wiring.

The high-frequency type, on the other hand, can bust out the wires of computer systems.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important reasons why you need to invest in a good EMP shielding bag.

EMP’s Unpredictability

One of the most compelling characteristics of EMPs is that they are unpredictable. EMP blasts can happen anytime and anywhere.

As we mentioned earlier, EMPs occur from natural or man-made causes. A natural event like a huge solar flare can result in an EMP blast. Geomagnetic storms can likewise cause EMPs.

Though geomagnetic storms rarely happen, history remembers how destructive they are. In fact, a geomagnetic storm in 1921 affected the U.S. and Europe. The event resulted in the closing of New York’s railroad system.

It also burned the telegraph lines in Sweden.

The same thing goes when a nuclear explosion happens. The explosion will release electromagnetic energy. This intense energy will bind with the molecules in the atmosphere.

This results in bonded electrons. When these electrons connect with the Earth’s natural magnetic field, it will release a powerful current. This current will disrupt and destroy electrical currents that run electronic devices.

When a major EMP blast occurs, the telecommunications and utilities industries are the first to experience a crippling effect. But if you have an EMP protection bag, you can protect your devices from EMPs destructive effects.

Serious Damage on Electronics

Going deeper into the true impact of EMPs on electronics, we must first understand the waves that emanate from them. An EMP can release much as three separate waves: the E1, the E2, and E3.

The E1 is the nuclear energy that comes directly from the actual explosion. E2, on the other hand, produces an effect comparable to a power surge frying electronic devices. Meanwhile, the E3 takes place once nuclear energy touches the planet’s magnetic field.

Among the three waves, E3 is the least destructive. It is the E1 that you need to protect your mobile phones from.
In the grander scheme of things, EMPs can also leave long-term damages. It can shut down power grids. It can cause electrical fires.

Moreover, EMPs can affect large facilities that use refrigeration. This can negatively impact the quality of food. This can result in the spoilage of medical supplies.

It can also cause chaos in the transportation sector. Airports and train stations cannot operate.

The same thing goes for financial institutions. Banks rely heavily on technology.

Topnotch Durability

What is great about modern EMP bags is their remarkable toughness. They provide intense tensile strength compared to any type of homemade protection.

If you recently purchased an EMP bag, you can put it to the test right at home. Place your cell phone or an active radio inside the EMP bag and seal it. If you can still hear any sound from your device, then your bag is not a legit EMP bag.

But if your bag passes the test, your gadgets can enjoy topnotch durability and protection. It will provide ample protection from EMPs and any gamma radiations, regardless of their strength.

Long-Term Savings

Lastly, a good EMP bag will translate into long-term savings. You do not know when an EMP blast will happen. And when that happens, an EMP bag can keep your device working.

This means you don’t need to worry about buying a replacement. You also do not have to deal with any of those costly repairs.

Going beyond your mobile phone, an EMP bag can also protect your generator. This is most crucial when an EMP blast occurs.

The city’s electricity will likely go down after an EMP blast. The same thing will also happen to generators that come without any EMP protection.

Buying Tips

An EMP protection bag is cheap especially when you compare it to the idea of buying a replacement phone. But don’t automatically go for the cheapest one available. Let’s take a look at a few buying tips below:

The Right Source

First, you need to get to know the source. Conduct your research and due diligence on different EMP bag manufacturers.

How is their track record? Are they able to answer all of your inquiries with clarity? What are their customers saying about their products?

Certification Matters

Another important tip is to go for EMP bags that have certification. This certification ensures that the bags are capable of protecting electronics from EMPs.

Compare the Prices

Finally, make sure to compare the prices of EMP bags. Going for the cheapest is tempting, but the cheapest is not always the best option.

Check the materials. Weigh all the factors in relation to your budget.

Expand Your Knowledge on Gadget Care

EMPs are one of the different risks your mobile device can face. By investing in the right EMP shielding bag, you can rest knowing that your device will still work after an EMP blast happens.

But there are many other problems that can affect your gadgets. We invite you to read our other blog posts. We discuss various topics on technology, gadgets, and how to care for them the right way.

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