Elevate Your Listening Experience Through Better Earphone, Headphone and Speaker Technology

We all start with basic equipment to listen to our favorite bands. Later, we upgrade to something that sounds a little better to fully enjoy the music. The search continues for the next best thing to elevate our listening experience to get more from the best recordings of live performances or to enjoy the subtle nuances of guitar solo played to perfection.

Here are a few different ways to enjoy better audio tech.

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Elevate Your Listening Experience Through Better Earphone, Headphone and Speaker Technology

Music in Your Earbuds

Earbuds have come a long way since their earliest versions. Both the Apple earbuds which have gone through several redesigns and the newer Bluetooth AirPod earbuds continue to provide quality audio at a reasonable price. With the latest AirPod product, its convenient charging and 24-hour battery life are solid features, but these tiny cordless earbuds are also easy to lose.

For something better that an audiophile would be proud of, you should be looking at picking up a mid- to top-end product in the Sennheiser earbud range to exceed the Apple audio quality while enjoying a deeper, more resonant bass.

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Over-the-Ear Headphones

The over-the-ear headphones offer greater privacy for your listening pleasure. With the padded cups that cover the ears, far less ambient sound reaches your ear drums and so the audio is purer. Unlike with most earbuds, what you’re listening to isn’t actively shared with other people in the vicinity either.

On-ear headphones have largely gone the way of the Sony Walkman because they neither offer the best sound quality nor an immersive experience. Some of the better over-the-ear headphones come with Dolby Surround Sound 7.1 for home cinema usage. A few are noise cancelling headphones that are suitable for use on planes to block out much of the engine noise. There are a few Bluetooth over-the-ear headphones which offer high-quality audio, but you currently pay a steep premium for them compared to their wired counterparts.

Home Cinema Surround Sound

When you wish to take in a surround sound experience with friends, family or a loved one, then using dual headphones limits the shared enjoyment. Instead, a set of surround sound speakers to get the most out of a movie’s audio track with Dolby channel separation lets everyone hear the footsteps behind the sofa as the bad guy or girl approaches.

To understand which speakers are worth the price, you need solid advice from people in the know. Following a redesign, Speakerxpert gets even better with easier navigation and clear reviews of the better speakers, along with other audio products under review too.

Don’t forget about your car stereo system too. These days, hooking up the smartphone, iPod or iPhone to your vehicle’s audio system is commonplace. Managing your in-car audio this way skips the need to pay up heavily for a state-of-the-art car audio package. The system can be simple while the speakers extravagant and when hooking up your smartphone, you’ll be ready for Carpool Karaoke in no time at all!

It doesn’t matter where you are these days – in your car, sitting in the family room with the widescreen TV and surround sound, or listening to a podcast in your earbuds – you’re never far away from a quality listening experience.

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