5 Effective Content Marketing Tactics to Include In Your Label Design

When buying any product, consumers will always be attracted to what the manufacturer has to say about the content. Otherwise, all products on the retailer shelves would have the brand name only. However, the label says a lot about the product and can’t be ignored, whether it is pure truth or a marketing gimmick.

It is essential to have a label on a product to draw consumers’ attention as it makes a brand statement. We should have a label with professional graphic designs. Here are some of the tips that we can deploy to have a compelling product label.

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#1. Use of illustrations

  • Some products must have images of their content. Consumers shop on the shelves that they perceive or what they wish to find out there. For instance, the best fruit juice is from healthy grown fruits and cannot sell without illustrating the natural fruit it is supposedly blended from.
  • Whether it is the real image or not, illustrations instill confidence in the buyers’ minds. Besides, not all consumers have the time to read every small word on the label but will assume the image says it all.

#2. Craft a unique message

  • A label occupies a portion of a product’s outer space and should be utilized to derive maximum sales. The message on a label should identify a product from the rest in the market by defining its unique features and benefits. The message should cultivate in the mind of the consumer what value the product will add from consuming it.
  • Put the customer in the description by using words such as “you “and “your.” However, a repeat customer is a satisfied customer. Therefore, make sure what is written on the label is true or not easily verifiable not to lose the trust of customers. An outstanding message can increase visitor traffic, Facebook Likes and tweets by 50% or more.

#3. Keep it original

  • When designing a content label, we should always try to maintain the originality of the product. Make it memorable and easy to stand out amongst other copied designs.
  • Consumers can shy away from the same product going by the product packaging and labeling. This happens especially when a product is likely to be copied by other producers. No matter how good the new design looks, ensure you retain essential features that maintain a sense of authenticity.
  • If a product label is to evolve, it advisable to make changes to it over time and not abruptly. Otherwise, the company will have to spend a lot of resources on audio and visual advertising to inform their customers about the new brand.

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#4. Use quality prints and highlight keynotes

  • Be strategic in displaying relevant information to clients. The information you use should be given attention since it is what will sell the product. The notes should also be visible and in readable fonts. Further, a different color should be used on emphasis notes to attract a reader’s attention.
  • Audiences are attracted to a strong product label with clearly visible content that reflects friendliness and simplicity. For example, the most important notes can be placed on a white background section in contrast with the rest of the label.
  • Most manufacturers have been able to move their products by focusing on the printing of quality labels. Whether its matte, gloss or coated surface, choose a printing surface that will showcase the uniqueness, and that matches the quality of your product.

#5. Offer advice

  • Maintain a relationship with customers, even after buying the product. When the customer reaches home, they have all the time to read more about the product.
  • Show that you care and offer directions on how to use the product effectively. Also, include easy to reach contacts for questions and feedback such as email and social media handles. Doing so makes the client feel taken care of and provides insights to better the product.

According to enKo (a company that sells discounted Zebra, Dymo, & Avery compatible labels) “The packaging of a product tells much about the content and the seriousness of the manufacturer. Clients want to be appreciated and cannot accept or reject a product depending on how it is delivered. Hence no company can run away from having an effective label design to move their products irrespective of the quality”.

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