Discussing Website Security and Customers’ Data Protection

Today internet users are very conscious about security; they are aware of personal data security, issues pertaining to website security, etc and keep following news about malware attacks, security breaches etc. Hence they are getting increasingly cautious while surfing the net and browsing websites, making online purchases, banking transactions etc.

Thus for every enterprise, every organization, it becomes important in today’s scenario that they secure their websites and ensure the security of customers’ personal data. Here’s a discussion on how this can be achieved, in the best of ways…

Website Security

SSL Certificate: An important aspect of website security

Using SSL certificates is integral to website security. SSL protection ensures that whatever data (personal data like credit card details etc) are entered by your customers while making purchases/transactions using your website remain encrypted and cannot be intercepted by a third party. Nowadays, customers check if websites are secured with SSL protections or not by looking at the HTTPS address bar. Hence having a cheap SSL certificate for your website would be best for your business that helps to build trust.

Inform customers about the privacy policy, give them information on cookies used

This is something that customers would appreciate. They need to be informed clearly about the privacy policy that your company is following. They need to be informed about the cookies that you are using and also about what happens to their personal data that are sent through the forms when they make orders.

Protect website from hacks and data thefts with some basic security measures

Protecting your business website from hacks and data thefts by adopting some very basic security measures is important. For this you need to ensure that you use the basic security software, have strong and secure passwords for FTP, change FTP account passwords regularly and limit the FTP access to specific IP addresses. Such things contribute a lot towards ensuring that your website is protected from hacks and data thefts.

Protect customers’ data from unauthorized access

Customers’ data, if it falls into wrong hands, could be misused and this could cause serious damage to the customer as well as to the company. Thus it becomes important that due care is shown as regards handling customers’ data. You need to make sure that customers’ data remain protected from unauthorized access. Accounts can be created for administrators by which they would each be given access to specific sections of the shop. This kind of planning works when the admin panel is administered by several people.

Have a backup ready

Database backup is a must. You should also make it a policy to have the backup of your entire website and update this backup as and when required because failures and breakdowns happen. Moreover, a malware attack could also lead to data being lost.

Choose a reliable hosting service

It’s very important to go for a hosting service that’s reliable and safe. You must have a server that’s stable and a support service that’s good. These things are important for the smooth functioning of your website and also very important as regards its security. In case you have an issue, you’d want your hosting service providers to give you timely support and assistance.

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