Discussing Website Security and Customers’ Data Protection

Website Security

Today internet users are very conscious about security; they are aware of personal data security, issues pertaining to website security, etc and keep following news about malware attacks, security breaches etc. Hence they are getting increasingly cautious while surfing the net and browsing websites, making online purchases, banking transactions etc. Thus for every enterprise, every … Read more

9 Steps to Protect Your Business from Data Breaches

Step to Protect Your Business from Data Breaches

What’s the last time when you have updated your business content management system? Well, we all know data breaches have always been of high concern among the business. The business using the open source platform is highly prone to data attacks. So, how can you protect your websites sensitive information? How to Protect Your Business … Read more

Why Cloud Data Integrity Matters for your Business?

cloud data

The proliferation of hacking and breach attacks in today’s corporate environment has given cloud data integrity a crucial role in building trust and securing protected information. The storage and processing power of the cloud would go to waste without sufficient protections and policies in place. With news about top corporations and banks experiencing external hacks … Read more