Different Ways You can Pet-proof Your Home

We all love our pets and our homes, but sometimes it’s hard to keep them protected from one another. Pets are naturally curious creatures, whether they are a dog or a cat. Unfortunately, your pet’s curiosity can lead to damages and accidents, and your home might be the safest place for them unless you make the necessary changes.

About 87 million Americans own a pet. This love for pet ownership is out of the need for companionship and love. However, not all American homes are prepared for pets. Because of this, accidents that may hurt your pets could happen. Additionally, your pet might do damage inside your home if you are not prepared. This is why it’s important to pet-proof your home. One of the first steps you should take is to install childhood latches.

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Different Ways You can Pet-proof Your Home

Childhood Latch Cabinets and Doors

Pets can be pretty creative and use their paws to open all sorts of closets and doors in your home. However, this can be dangerous for your pets if they open a cabinet that contains all sorts of cleaning materials.

Cleaning materials have toxic substances that your pet might ingest accidentally. They might also open closets that may contain stored food. Some food such as alcoholic beverages, garlic, grapes, and yeast can be detrimental to your dog’s health. By installing childhood latches on your cabinets, it’ll make it considerably harder for your pet to open all sorts of cabinets in your home, hence, protecting them.

Install Ceramic Tiles

This next tip is all about protecting your home from your pets. Your pets won’t intentionally damage your home, but physiologically they are equipped to do so. One of the things they might damage often and can cause you thousands of dollars in maintenance is your flooring.

Your pets’ paws have inherently sharp nails, even if you get them trimmed often. This is because they love to run around a lot, especially when they are excited. They aren’t entirely aware that they are damaging your flooring by doing this, and it’s not their fault. It’s your responsibility to install ceramic tiles for your home to ensure that maintenance costs won’t flood you.

Ceramic tiles and natural stone are both great choices for your home flooring if you’re planning to have a couple of pets living inside. They’re resilient and don’t get scratched easily. Furthermore, they are much cheaper when you compare them to other choices such as hardwood. Consider installing ceramic tiles on your home before bringing a pet inside.

Put Electrical Wiring Out of Reach

If you have young pets such as puppies and kittens, then you’ll notice that they like to nibble on all sorts of things. Unfortunately, one of the things they might nibble on is your electrical wiring.

Nibbling on some electrical wiring is going to hurt your pet. In some situations, it can even cause their death. Installing tiny hooks to put your electrical wiring on can help put such wires out of reach. You can also put the wires behind some furniture so your pets can reach them. Lastly, you can cover electrical wires using a small PVC pipe or cable raceways so that your pets can’t reach them.

Electrical wires can only bring harm to your pets. So make sure you keep them away from it.

Give Your Pets a Tracking Collar

Your pets love going inside all sorts of corners. But this can be dangerous if they get trapped inside them. Some pet owners have horror stories about losing their pets and only finding their pet dead in the attic because it was trapped.

As you can see, your home can be a dangerous place for your pet, especially if they haven’t fully explored it yet. Giving your pets a tracking collar will ensure that you can find your pet no matter what. This is helpful if they always get trapped in various cabinets, closets, or rooms in your home.


Lastly, if you want your pets to stay clean and away from all sorts of pests, then you should have an exterminator visit once in a while.

Ticks are one of our worse enemies, and the same goes for our pets. They love sucking the blood out of us, and they can also carry all sorts of diseases. You might need a tick control expert if you think your home has been a breeding ground for ticks. This will ensure that all sorts of ticks are removed from your home and that they’ll never come back.

We want the best for our home and our pets, and by doing these things, you can protect both from each other. So start pet-proofing your home now if you’re planning to bring a pet into your home in the future.

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