5 Cool Fiberglass Pool Technology and Facts for Homes

What is Fiberglass Pool?

Fiberglass is reinforced plastic using glass fiber. The fibers may be randomly dispersed in the matrix and flattened into a sheet. These chopped strand mats are also woven into a fabric. The plastic matrix may be a thermoset polymer matrix such as epoxy, vinyl ester, polyester resin or thermoplastic. Carbon fiber may also be used to reinforce these polymers.

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But companies like riverina pools recommend fiberglass pools as they are cheaper and more flexible than carbon fiber ones. Fiber glass is stronger and lighter than many metals. They can also be moulded into various shapes. Due these qualities fiberglass finds application in boats, aeroplanes, swimming pools, hot tubs, piping, surfboards, etc. They are lighter, durable, low maintenance and economic.


Cool Facts about fiberglass pools

Shapes to match your personality – According to property agent Adam from luxuryvillasmalta.com every property has a personality and fiberglass pools come in various shapes and sizes to match these personalities. These pools can be moulded into various shapes such as; rectangular, kidney-shaped, freeform, L-shaped, Roman-Grecian, etc.

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Different strokes for different folks – There are several types of pools, we will set up the nomenclature here.

  • Regular pools – these are standard in-ground pools of average size.
  • Infinity pools – these create an illusion of an edge over a cliff.
  • Lap pools – are rectangular pools meant for swimming laps and exercise in water. Exercise pools are a modified lap pool where the water flows out against you like a current and you swim against it.
  • Zero entry pools – are perfect for homes with kids as they have a gradual entry into the pool, imitating a beach.
  • Plunge pools – are great for small courtyards meant for a dip and cool off.
  • Screened in and indoor pools – are ideal for places with bugs and wildlife. This way you don’t have to worry about critters in your pool and cleaning frequently. They are also ideal for cold places that experience sleet. You can swim cosy and warm in your covered and heated pool.
  • Spools or Swim Spas are smaller pools take are heated and are slightly higher than the regular pools.
  • Above ground pools – are a smart choice for people on a tight budget.
  • Salt water pools – if you are allergic to chlorine or like salty water these are fabulous for you.

Easy transport and installation – Fiberglass pools are sold as one-piece shells. They arrive at your home by truck and are hauled by a crane into the evacuated hole. These pools are readymade with features like steps, benches, spas etc. There are many models and sizes to chose from.

Easy maintenance – The smooth interior of the pool is slick, this makes it difficult for the algae to cling to the sides. Like anything exposed to the Sun and chemicals, the fiberglass may deteriorate. Recoating the fiberglass is a feasible option, but this may be costly. Besides the new coat doesn’t stick easily over the old one.

Varying E – size and features – the average pool varies from 2 – 6 meters in width and 5 – 12 meters in length. A lap pool may require being only 1.5 meters in length. Of course, you can build a pool as per your requirements and specifications, but these are the usual dimensions the installers work with. They may work in features such as fencing, water slides, diving boards; hot tubs etc.

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The other delightful features that can be added to your pool are; a bar, a lounging ledge or a lazy river to meander throughout your property. You could transform the ambience with lighting in the evening. You could add a cave for children to frolic in or a rock structure with a waterfall to give your pool natural setting complete with plants.