Best 5 iOS Games to Play

Are you iOS user and looking for best game to play? Here we are going to show you best iOS Games to play.

Optimized FPS screen and strong processors make iOS an ultimate gaming screen. Your App Store is full of countless games and their updated versions. The statics like the number of downloads likes being competitive have made it difficult to choose the best game. Sometimes the ratings and download stats may not give you the exact idea. So how should you know whether the game meets your criteria of excitement?

Done with enough of installing and uninstalling the games. Do you need help to find the right one? Don’t waste those dollars on the unappealing games that you finally uninstall. Your search ends at our guide. We provide you the visual guide of 5 best iOS games.

Top 5 iOS Games to Play

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1) Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed

If you are a racing fan with iPhone then Need for Speed is an ultimate game for you. With the tenth version out, you will be racing in Rockport City. The game is out with crisp sharp graphics that glues you. You can choose from world’s best 40 cars and 6 race tracks. The game keeps you engaged to the level of a real race.

You can choose SRT Viper GTS, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Hummer H1 Alpha, and more. The customization of the cars adds more fun. The striking feature is the use of the live wallpaper feature with the game.

The plot wants you to tackle the cops and beat your friends and rivals. Quick decisions are needed to escape the cops with the hiding, jumps and new faster vehicles you can elude them. Multiplayer events challenge your friends for a quick race and that adds the real time twist to Need for Speed.

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2) Super Stickman Golf 3:

Super Stickman Golf 3

For those who like those lush green Golf courses the winner is here, but this time it is even better. New courses to cross, power ups, card collections, variations in game modes, multiplayer challenges make it a whole new Super Stickman.

You can choose to play in single or Multiplayer mode. In any of the modes, the game keeps your adrenaline high. The 20 new courses to cross in the real time mode is ultimately exciting.

The surprise Power ups keep on adding twists to your games. With the power ups, you can spin your golf balls. The game gives you 35 unique characters and 65 hats to change the gameplay, yes a hat can add a new trick to your playing style. Daily updates with new races and gaming modes keep you glued to it for hours.

The App has been altered to take less space on your phone and is bug free completely. The developers keep adding new downloadable courses to the game.

3) Magnetic Billiards:

Magnetic Billiards

The game has so many credits to it for being the best pocket game and has made it to the top 100 App list. The latest version works perfectly with the latest iPhone versions. The acoustics of the game gives you the feel you of a perfect billiard room. A game of simple graphics but striking colors and patterns makes it a visual delight.

With the two modes Classic and Arcade, you need to take out the balls by grouping similar colored balls together. Multiple shots give you a bonus. With the setting option, you can use your finger to push or pull the striker. The score is a combination of so many factors and that adds a twist to the gameplay.

The single and arcade mode gives you 20 tables to play across. Although the games start with the easy stage but tackling the balls when they become insanely complex is a challenge.

The Arcade levels give you a different churn. It calls for slow strategic moves to make those big scores.

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4) Clash Royale:

Clash Royale

A real-time Multiplayer game that takes you to the battlefield. It’s a strategic game and needs you to use the grey matter more. It gives you lots and lots of strong cards to manipulate the game with. You need to take down 3 towers of the opponent to make a mark. A free download game also gives you free chests to unlock new stronger cards for every win. You can buy the cards with the gems. With so much to explore the game is real fun.

You can use the spells and cards in combos to make a clear win against the opponent. Unlock or buy the chests to enrich your decks. You can track your chests from chest tracker. You are given 5 card slots where you place the cards while you start the clash. Players lose and win trophies in the tournaments. With 11 arenas to cross and 74 cards in game its offers you lots of enjoyment.

The game calls out for a multiplayer challenge every fortnight. You can join a clan and ask for help if you are stuck.

The game and the strategy is so real like that it makes you feel you are a warrior and keeps you on toes.

5) Banner Saga 2:

Banner Saga 2

It is a tactical game to play inspired from the famous Viking legend. The games makes you the hero of a crashing city. An emotional side to the game makes you more involved. As a leader you are to make decisions and manage resources of the near collapse city and battle through the enemies.

Hand drawn visuals give it an epic feel of animations and the sound track that completes the Viking feel. With better gameplay you can level up the characters and get new stronger moves. You are the in charge of the entire civilization, all depends on your strategy. The story around which the game is woven is great.

Banner Saga 2 has taken a huge leap in User Interface over Banner Saga. The subtitle issues are fixed and takes less memory while the games loads, making your phone faster.

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iPhone games are such a huge array that they leave you puzzled what to choose from the bag of white and red balls. With the choicest games in the guide you know which ones are worth to play. Sometime its happen that accidently we lost our data while playing game but this iMyFone D-Back iOS Data Recovery Get Back Lost Files on iPhone will helps you.