Top 8 Best Inventory Management Software For Your Business

Inventory management software or material management software is a flexible product. The products in the supply chain are tracked and handled. Through cooperating with automation processes today, the 7 best materials management software can be used to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

Inventory management software

Best Inventory Management Software For Your Business

1. Oracle NetSuite ERP

The #1 cloud ERP solution in the world is Oracle NetSuite. It offers a centralized platform for handling all backup operations, such as accounting, eCommerce and CRM. NetSuite combines business intelligence, reporting and gives the company real-time visibility. It enables industries to reduce IT costs, cause growth, and remove operating incompetence, enabling you to concentrate instead of back-end processes on income-generating decisions.


For trade, manufacturing & service organizations, CREST is a completely integrated ERP product for the efficient management of their business operation. This is a powerful tool to unlock your capital and increase the productivity of your employees to concentrate on the company growth.

It has a full suite of business landscape modules. Inventory transactions, manufacturing, payable funds, accounts in receivables, general ledger, capital assets, CRM, HR and project management are included in modules for procurement.

3. Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management platform that helps you create, manage and monitor your stock. Get your inventory level alerts instantly and alert you wherever your stock falls below reorder level. Maintain your inventory organized with important details such as prices, rate, accessibility and SKUs. Multiple online store centralized inventory systems. Whenever a sale is made, automatically update your stock quantity through all your distribution channels. When all is in full harmony, there is no margin for error. Incorporate the carriers, payment gates and more.

4. Cin7

Inventory management related to Cin7 is streamlined. It offers retailers, wholesalers and basic producers a way to hold order stocks and distribution networks in line with inventories. Cin7 combines platforms and services with more than 450 products, including eCommerce, online markets, 3PL stores, shipping, accounts, sales and commercialization, and predictor solutions for the inventory. Cin7 incorporates process automation, real-time visibility and advanced reporting to assist brands in stock optimization, cost savings, margin growth, and cash flow maximization.

5. Fishbowl Inventory

Fishbowl is the first integrated QuickBook add-on requested and excels for advanced inventory control, light production and order management with the award-winning feature. You think QuickBooks are outgrown? Only think again. Think again. Don’t leave QuickBooks – update it today with the addition of Fishbowl Inventory!

6. Multiorders

Integrate and maintain your orders into multi-channel inventory and shipping management software, an ideal way to optimize your workflow. Link all your carriers and printable labels with one click, control all distribution channel pricing and inventory levels from the same location.

7. Quickbook commerce

QuickBooks Commerce is a versatile cloud-based stock and order management platform for modern online companies, formerly known as TradeGecko. QuickBooks Trade allows managing every product, order, and customer in one location, mixing manufacturing and sales chansons, stockpiling and currencies. Establish buying orders, backorders, inventory and revisions. Track pack sizes, bats and dates of expiration easily. Email quotes and send a connection to credit card payment invoices inserted.

8. eSwap

eSwap is a platform that offers excessive features to control your sales from one dashboard. Suppose your products are presented in different channels like eBay, AliExpress, Shopify, etc. In that case, eSwap will allow you to organize inventory management, order management, warehouse management, and other

The material management software is the program for monitoring inventory, deliveries, purchases and distribution levels. It can also be used to build job order, materials bills and other production documents in manufacturing industries. To prevent stock overview and loss, businesses use inventory management software. The tool is used to organize inventory data, which was normally stored on paper or in tablets beforehand.