The Best Das Keyboards 2020

Why are Das Keyboards so damn good?

Das Keyboards are keyboard business BMW. Metadot Corporation brings them to us, and they are a prime example of high-end, reliable, value-for-money German engineering. I would be very shocked if emails, messages, papers and search queries were not typed for a lifetime! Das says its keyboards are designed to withstand 50 million keystrokes and what do you know? I acknowledge it!

Although these keyboards can cost you quite a few bucks, when you consider typing speed, comfort, and the satisfaction you get from using a superior build quality device, it’s well worth the money. When you’re talking about the best keyboards, it’s unlikely that there would ever be no mention of Das at such a discussion.

They’re really well built (what you would expect from a German brand) and they really look like you can jump up and down with a big pair of Timberlands and put it back on your desk and start typing again. That’s what impresses me most about Das Keyboards, which is high performance.

Built from a really sleek looking aluminum block, Das Keyboards is today’s market’s thinnest mechanical keyboard, which is no surprise when you look at it side-on. It’s about an inch thick, which doesn’t sound so slim when you compare it to other devices that are out there like the Apple Mac keyboards, ipads, tablets etc, but they are by far the thinnest compared to other types of mechanical keyboards! The Kate Moss of keyboards. On your wish list you need one of those computer keyboards!

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Das Keyboards Background

2005 was the year that Daniel Guermeur set out on the journey to become more precise and quicker in his own typing skills. He managed to get himself a completely blank keyboard for this, with no characters at all on it. He was surprised to discover, after using the keyboard for just a few weeks, that his typing speed had increased. Always required one after showing it to friends and colleagues, who also set about checking the keyboard, were shocked by the change in their own typing skills.

Daniel had found an opportunity for business with real potential. That is when Das Keyboards was developed. The keyboard then developed from the initial concept into the master engineering stroke it is today, with correct and individually weighted keys and a solid aluminum frame. It was cherished by techno-elitists because it gave them a way of differentiating themselves from other so-called “techie” mortals. As schools and universities look for more effective ways to teach typing, it’s also a big seller within the education sector.

Who Are Das Keyboards Good For?

Das Keyboards are great for novices in computers who want to learn how to type, or for people who want to improve their typing speed and precision. The Das Keyboard range is powerful and durable, as I described before, and is ideal for people who use their keypads a lot! And if you’re using laptop instead of a personal computer, safeguard your laptop with these durable laptop mounts available at Jestik. Buy one now!