4 Great Benefits of a VoIP for Your Business

Businesses need to make the most of what they have. Many people have a difficult time in starting a small business because you need a decent amount of capital to start. One way in which you might be spending a lot of money is through phone service. Most businesses need some form of phone services, whether to reach out to customers or to let customers call in. Could a VoIP be the answer your company’s looking for? This guide to VoIP phone service will let you in on the biggest benefits a VoIP has to offer.

guide to voip

#1. Lower Price

Many people, both businesses and individual accounts, switch to a VoIP because it lets them save money. In fact, 85% of new Ooma customers say they made the decision to switch because of the low price, which allows them to save money for personal or business endeavors.

Landlines can cost between $800-$1,000 per user per year, and mobile phones are only slightly less expensive at $720-$960 per user per year. However, a VoIP could cost as little as $239 per user per year. If your small business with only 15 employees switches to a low-cost VoIP, you could save more than $11,000 yearly.

#2. Ease of Use

Another way that VoIP excels is in ease of use. Landlines are notoriously difficult to set up, as you must connect each phone to a copper wire running under the ground. Though mobile phones solve this specific problem, they’re still often difficult to use for business because you can’t transfer people to another line with them.

A VoIP can fix both of these problems. With a VoIP, you’re almost always using your existing infrastructure; it’s almost a requirement for a business to have internet access nowadays. Plus, you can get access to traditionally landline-only benefits through a VoIP.

#3. Workplace Connectivity

Connecting your employees to your clients is an ultra-important part of building a high-quality business. Landlines often offer very poor-quality workplace connectivity because an employee can’t pick up the phone if they’re away from their desk. Mobile phones can cause chaos because employees need to juggle two phones.

However, a VoIP works with both a desk phone and an app on an existing smartphone. With a VoIP, employees can talk to clients at their desk or on the go, without having to give out their personal phone numbers to do so.

#4. Added Features

There are some features that a VoIP may be able to offer that are either typically only available for landlines or often cost additional money. Consider some of these added features and think about how they could benefit your business.

  • Toll-Free Number
  • Virtual Receptionist for Automated Call Routing
  • Conference Bridge
  • Call Blocking
  • Voicemail Audio Sent to Email
  • Main Business Number
  • Unique Number for Each User
  • Electronic Fax
  • Ring Groups


Clearly, there are many reasons your company might want to switch over to a VoIP instead of staying with an existing landline solution. Maximizing the benefits of your business starts with making sure you have the highest-quality solutions at the lowest possible prices, which is exactly what a VoIP does. When you’re considering how to set up your business, make sure you look into your VoIP options first.