A Basic Guide to SEO for Video

The increasing popularity of videos for digital content marketing in recent years comes as no surprise. After all, they’re far easier to mentally digest when compared to other mediums. And the widespread appeal and engagement that they offer makes them an invaluable tool like the best Wichita SEO companies in generating exposure and building brand recognition that a company needs not only to stand out from the crowd. But more importantly, to get ahead of the competition and capture the target market.

However, it takes more than the production of high-quality content to attract the intended audience. With so many videos uploaded every day in the popular hosting service platforms, it isn’t easy to get noticed. But it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to do, even without an established subscriber base. Aside from hiring proficient SEO experts, there are some practices that can help elevate the visibility of the videos. And in this basic guide, we’ll talk about how to succeed in search engine optimization for video content.

seo for video

Search for the most commonly used keywords relevant to the video

These days, video streaming websites are becoming higher sources of inbound traffic more than those that host written content. In fact, videos tend to be displayed at the top of search engine results pages or SERPs. And one of the reasons for this is the use of relevant keywords. The better the targeted phrases and words are, the more likely it is for the videos to elevate their rankings.

Optimize all the metadata associated with the content

Metadata like descriptions, filenames, and tags plays crucial roles in the search engine optimization of videos. And through their optimization, content creators can boost the position of their respective videos in the search rankings. For example, tags and filenames will allow the chosen video sharing platform to determine what the content is all about and index them correctly. On the other hand, descriptions make the videos much easier to find since it allows them to stand out from other similar content.

Incorporate transcripts into the video content

The transcript of a video serves as content’s textual representation to make it easier to mentally consume and make it more accessible to a wider audience. And since search engine crawlers utilize subtitles for indexing purposes, its incorporation into the videos can have a positive effect on the content’s ranking. It’ll also deliver a lot more value to the viewership by enhancing the experience. And, in turn, improve the channel’s likelihood in increasing its subscriber base.

Choose only excellent platforms

While it may sound tempting to upload the content across all video hosting service websites to create more exposure, it may not necessarily lead to the desired outcome. Not all digital channels serve the same purpose, after all. Some platforms are better suited to those who want to build brand recognition while others focus on increasing inbound website traffic. And by being clear on the SEO goals of the business and choosing the site that can best accommodate these objectives, a company will maximize its chances of attaining the results that it wants.

Make it the main attraction of the web page

For those looking to upload the video on their own website, it’s imperative to make it the centerpiece of the web page. Time and patience are rare commodities in the fast-paced world of today. And users who have to scroll down to watch the content are likely to pass on it. As such, it’s crucial to make it the focal point of the design as it’ll draw users to it much easier.

Invest in the best Wichita SEO companies

The concepts behind most digital marketing strategies are relatively simple to understand. However, there’s a steep learning curve when it comes to their successful execution. And these often require a considerable commitment of time and resources if a company chooses to shoulder the responsibility on its own. However, by investing in the right SEO experts, the business can immediately launch its internet advertising campaign while still maintaining a consistent level of productivity for its business operations.

Make the thumbnail should be engaging

The first things that are likely to catch the eyes of users while browsing through videos are the associated thumbnails. And because of this, they’re a vital part of video SEO that content creators can ill-afford to ignore. Similar to movie posters and book covers, these miniature images serve to give users an accurate representation of what the content is all about. And by creating one that is as captivating as it is relevant, the content is far more likely to get higher play rates.

Respond to user comments

The algorithm behind most video streaming platforms tends to prioritize content that gets a lot of activity more than those that don’t. And comments are one of the metrics that it uses to measure the videos’ popularity. And because of this fact, it’s a general rule of thumb to respond to insight and inquiries users leave on the page whenever possible. Doing so won’t just endear the channel to its audience. But the feedback offered may help shed some light on areas of the created videos that could use some improvement.

Improve content accessibility through transcripts

It isn’t uncommon for content creators to add subtitles into their videos instead of relying on the platform’s automatically generated captions. Not only does it allow the content a lot more accessible and digestible than it would’ve been without subtitles. But in doing so, it’ll broaden the audience and expand the reach of the video in the selected platform.

No one can deny that video content marketing is gaining a lot of momentum. With the sheer number of active users in the popular video streaming and sharing channels, it presents companies with the opportunity to widen its reach and create more than enough exposure for its business to increase conversions and sales. And by adopting the strategies above and securing the expert assistance of the best Wichita SEO companies, an organization can attract and engage its target market across all platforms.