6 Reasons to Pursue an MBA With Aston American University

For people who are pursuing or would like to pursue a career in business and management, an MBA degree is highly recommended. An MBA or a Master of Business Administration degree is one of the most popular Master degree programs in the world.

It is not just ideal for those who own or manage a business – the knowledge and skills that you can get from studying to earn an MBA degree is beneficial for almost any career that involves management. It is not surprising that many of those who enroll in MBA programs are those who would like to advance their careers. Many young entrepreneurs also boost their business management skills by earning their MBA.

Nowadays, enrolling in an MBA degree program while still fully employed is possible. Gone are the days when you would need to resign from your work or to render fewer hours at work just to be able to go to school. Online education makes it possible to gain additional knowledge and skills while being gainfully employed.

MBA With Aston American University

One of the online universities that offer a fully online MBA degree program is Aston American University. Here are some reasons why it is good to earn your MBA degree with AAU:

  • Fully online. There are some MBA programs that claim to be online but are actually blended programs where some modules or components are to be taken on-campus. With AAU, everything is truly, fully online. There is no need to travel to go to class or to take time away from work. You can study anywhere there is a good internet connection.
  • Flexible schedule. True to its commitment to provide quality education even to those who have other commitments, AAU is not just fully online because classes are flexible. There is no need to adhere to any class schedule. You can decide on any schedule that suits you, allowing you to study from anywhere, any time. So you do not have to take breaks in your study plans to travel or tend to your business.
  • Individualized study programs. Spending money, time, and effort getting an MBA should be more about earning the skills and knowledge rather than just earning the degree itself. With AAU, you can be sure that you work at earning an MBA is specifically designed with your background in mind and specifically directed towards your business and career goals.
  • Available scholarships. Another big hurdle when it comes to pursuing graduate degrees is the cost. AAU makes their programs even more accessible by having affordable fees. The fees are very reasonable for young career professionals and entrepreneurs. If that is still a challenge for anyone who wishes to pursue an MBA degree, AAU is also offering scholarships.
  • Experienced professors. One of the most important things to consider before enrolling in an MBA program is the expertise of those who will be teaching you. With AAU, you are assured that you will get expert knowledge and skills because each professor is handpicked for his or her educational reputation, expertise in their field of study, and academic publications.
  • 24-hour support. When you are doing something online, you would want to know you have support of all kinds. Studying at AAU means having not just 24-h tech support, but most importantly, you can rely on online tutors, instructors, academic advisors, and the like. So even if you feel isolated and on your own, AAU will make sure you can get the personalized support that you need when you need it.

Ready to pursue your MBA for your career and business growth? AAU can help you achieve your MBA goals!

Author Bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at One SEO, a digital marketing agency, who lives in Beirut, Lebanon. Rana Tarakji is passionate about digital marketing, startups, helping entrepreneurs grow, and empowering them to live their dreams. She has worked as a marketer, a technology co-founder and business developer, and a writer.

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