5 Tips to Land the Right Software Engineering Job

Getting the right software job is always a tough task for any graduate if they don’t have proper guidance. So here, we are making an attempt to guide you to land into the right Software Engineering Job. This blog is for people who are ambiguous regarding where to start to get into the right software company, it is for the people who faced a lot of rejections in interviews till now, it is for the people who don’t have enough clarity and knowledge regarding the software industry.

Here are the five checkboxes that have to be ticked to get the right software job.

Right Software Engineering Job

Be clear with the mind

If you are a Non-IT student, then be clear with the mind regarding your move after your graduation because lack of clarity at that time could lead to long-term effects. There would be a lot of ways for a student who completes his graduation like GATE, Job, and CAT. If Job, then Core Job or Software Job. If Software Job, then which disciple to be adopted to have a bright future and long term career. If you are a CS or IT student, then you must have clarity regarding your proficiency domain. Don’t try to do the preparation for GATE and Software Company in parallel, because both preparations are quite different and it is not recommended. So having clarity is the most important thing to get into the right software Job.

Prepare yourself

After getting enough clarity regarding your domain and proficiency, then start preparing for the former. Start your preparation with Basic Aptitude and reasoning. Generally, software companies prefer Aptitude and reasoning as their first phase of filtration. A lot of people would get disqualified in this phase only. So it is very important for a student to have good knowledge of Aptitude, Reasoning and Basic English Grammar.

For IT background: The next step is to practice coding or take up software development courses from top universities like IIT-Madras, IIIT-Hyderabad, and many more to understand and enhance your skills. This would improve one’s skills and make way for the software company.

For NON-IT background: If you are from Non-IT background, then don’t panic about coding. First learn a software language and then Data structures of that language and slowly practice the coding, you can try a free class at Great Learning Academy. At starting you would find difficulty in doing coding, but if you are consistent enough, then you would become a good programmer gradually.

The next important thing is to enroll in any of the certification courses to get hands-on experience in projects and advanced technologies. If you are from a Non-IT background, then make sure that you have done at least one project from the IT side. Try to do internships at some good organizations because companies always prefer experienced candidates over others. So doing internships might make you the ideal one to get into good corporate companies.

Go with a good Interview preparation strategy

Many people might feel Interview as a phobia. There is no need to get terrified for an interview. If you are good at a basic English conversation then it is enough for a basic IT interview. They always target people with good communication skills and they would check whether we were able to learn their demanded course. However, they would ask some technical questions related to that designation which should be answered confidently. Another important part of interview cracking is having a good resume. Resume building would play a major role in landing a good software job. If there are fewer jobs and if there are more applicants, then they always do filtration based on the resume. So we must be careful regarding our resumes. We must know the dos and don’ts of a resume.

Don’t demotivate to rejections

Rejections are just part and parcel of interviews. Before getting demotivated with interview rejections, don’t forget that Jack Ma, the former Chinese richest person got rejected 30 times in interviews. Instead of blaming interviewers or the luck, first, analyze the reason for your rejection and try not to commit the same mistake in the next one. This kind of mindset not only helps you in your professional life but also in your personal life. So, just learn from the mistakes that you committed and move on, and it is assumed that success would knock on your door one day.

Always be open for Suggestions

Another important thing to land into a good software Job is your ability to open your mind to suggestions from others. Always try to get knowledge from YouTube, blogs, and many other social media platforms. Try to build an efficient network of friends, relatives, and seniors. Many top product-based companies hire their employees based on referrals of their current employees, so maintaining a good network might also give you a chance of getting into the reputed organizations through referrals. Experienced people would have a lot of exposure and knowledge regarding the field. So don’t hesitate to take some valuable suggestions and feedback from them. Another important thing is maintaining a well-organized LinkedIn profile because nowadays, most of the recruiters are very much active on LinkedIn, So if your profile is good enough for their role, then you might easily get an interview call on some or the other day.

These are the five main tips that you can adopt to get into a good IT company. So don’t get demotivated, Push your leg onto the paddle and start your journey towards a successful IT career.

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