3 Ways to Make Your Legs Look Great in Shorts

We’re reaching that time of year when it becomes socially acceptable to wear shorts. For many, it is a welcome relief from the dreaded confines of pants. For others, they would rather don ski pants from June to August if it meant that they could avoid the horror of showing the world their legs.

Some folks fear public speaking; others are deathly afraid of Bermudas or capris. That being said, there is hope that you can go out in public feeling comfortable and unashamed.

Let’s first identify what your goals are. Are you looking to stop traffic with your legs?

Do you want to enter a party and have the record scratch while all eyes turn on you and your legs?

Legs Look Great in Shorts

If you are like most people out there that have an issue with the way their legs look, you probably want to go out without your legs being a source of worry. If that’s the case, read on!

Check out these three ways to make wearing shorts not only bearable but pleasant as well.

Choose Colors Wisely

Choose Colors Wisely

If you happen to have pasty white legs (or if the term pasty white is a compliment), then you should examine how colors work with your skin tone. For example, if your legs haven’t seen the sun in months and all of a sudden you go out with black or navy blue shorts, there will be a noticeable contrast.

Consider instead going for colors that will compliment your leg skin tone better. Think pastels and whites, or any color as long as it is on the lighter end of the spectrum.

Even if pasty white legs aren’t your problem, considerate color choices will accentuate your legs.

Walk it Off

Walk it Off

When we think of exercise, most of us automatically become ten times more tired. Ok, that’s not a real fact, but the truth remains that finding the motivation to get off the couch and start moving our bodies is often next to impossible.

However, did you know that you can make a real difference in the way you look merely by doing something most of us do on a daily basis? That’s right; we’re talking about walking!

Walking is a great way to get some exercise into our lives without putting too much strain on our bodies. Since it’s something that most of us already do, getting into the habit of walking isn’t too much of a stretch.

Consider taking a brisk walk when you get home from work. It doesn’t have to be long, and you can build on how long you walk as you get further along. Try ten minutes and build your resistance from there.

After time, you should start noticing a real change in your legs and the way they fit into short.

Heal Wounds

Heal Wounds

One of the reasons many people do not want to show off their legs is because they are dealing with some issue that they think is visually unappealing. Did you know that sometimes many of those issue can be treated?

Take for example chronic wounds. They can be classified as venous ulcers or arterial ulcers. They can be unsightly and lead to many feeling ashamed. However, with the help of experts, this is an issue that you can seek treatment for.

You might spend a lot of time fretting over this issue, but a solution might be a phone call away, and you could be well on your way to having great looking legs by summer time.


No one is ever wholly content with the way they look. Even the most attractive people will be able to point out with surgical detail the exact areas where they feel deficient. That’s ok and for the most part, a typical reaction to being a human. What’s not normal is when your physical insecurities lead you to be unable to enjoy the warm weather because your issue forces you to wear pants when shorts are the prescribed apparel choice. The great news is that this is an issue that has many solutions. You can easily find ways ranging from your clothing choices to seeing a specialist to improve how you look.


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