5 Tips on How to Gain Followers on Twitter Account

Social media has become an important part of our lives. Politicians, celebrities, influencers, business startups, and everyone who wants to reach out to people for a reason prioritize social media platforms over anything else.

In this regard, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram are three leading social media apps used worldwide. By the end of 2018, there were about 321 million active monthly users on Twitter and last January 2021 Twitter had more than 353.1 million users and 206 million daily active users worldwide. These Twitter statistics are still increasing day by day.

As this article talks about gaining followers on your twitter account let’s get straight to the point.

Twitter Follower Tips
Twitter Follower Tips

Tips to Gain Twitter Followers

A Twitter account with a good fan following can be a huge deal for everyone – opening a lot of business opportunities. Following are top 5 proven tips to gain more followers on Twitter account.

#1. Buy Twitter Followers Online

If you don’t want to invest your time to gain Twitter followers organically, you can simply buy them from real followers’ providers. Now is the right time to buy Twitter followers on Socialboss.org.

Worried about your account getting blocked? As long as the followers are real, your Twitter account will not be blocked. And Socialboss.org provide real and active followers to keep you one step ahead of your competition.

#2. Use Quality Cover & Profile Photo

The first thing that will attract the audience to go through your Twitter account is your profile display and cover photo – let alone the description. Therefore, make sure your account has a quality, high-resolution, and attractive display picture and cover photo relevant to your niche.

This doesn’t only make you look professional in a large market but also distinguishes you from thousands of spammers on Twitter.

#3. Write a Unique BIO

After you’ve uploaded a nice unique display and cover photo, now is the right time to worry about your Twitter bio. Make sure your Twitter bio is relevant to your account time. Whether you’re an influencer, politician, fitness enthusiasts, or a regular individual looking forward to increasing the fan following, write something that makes you stand out.

Avoid the bulky yet common quotes that most people are using in your niche. Also, making use of SEO keywords in your description can help a lot.

#4. Keep Tweeting Useful Content

It is recommended to tweet consistently instead of excessively. Business marketers only tweet within peak times twitter activity. During these hours, a maximum number of people like, comment, and retweet.

You can also respond to celebrities or influencers by retweeting or answering their questions. This might get you a handy of followers from their fan base.

#5. Use Relevant Hashtags

Last but not least, Twitter is famous for using Hashtags in the posts. Hashtags are trending words followed with a “#”. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, use relevant hashtags to gain more followers i.e. #FitnessTips, #HealthIsWealth, etc.


In a nutshell, as complex as it seems, doubling your fan following on Twitter account is easier than ever. Make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips to gain more followers. And if you’re in a hurry, buy Twitter followers for the better good.

Keep following to learn more about how social media fan following can be a critical user engagement metric for your business.

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