Track a Cell Phone Location of Your Workers for Free

track a cell phone location for free

Cell Phone Tracker for Your Workers for Free

Main functions of every good cell phone tracker can save company by detecting dishonest employees who might leak corporate secrets to the competitors.

Why you need an SMS tracker to control your employees

We all know how hard it is to find good reliable stuff. Employees avoid their duties trying to work less, earning more. Especially those who perform their duties away from offices.

Companies invent new ways of controlling them, but it rarely works for good. Workers mostly quit getting tired of total, overwhelming tightened inspection.

Although, there is a smart way to keep an eye on them without any expenses. Give them company cell phones for getting an access to all messages, calls or even track their location without letting them know.

This system is so easy, even a kid can handle it. In addition, no one can ever detect this feature in his or her phone. Tiny app hides deeply in system and never shows up. What we need is any mobile phone running on Android.

How does this work?

Everything is pretty simple here: by featured phones and SMS tracker pack. Install an app in each phone and track a cell phone location for free.

Then enter company’s website and register your account. Add all phone numbers you need to track. After this – software starts its work.

It folds all data in virtual server. For getting an access to it – you need a computer with internet connection. You can try any PC which runs Windows or MacOS. Do not forget to log out and clean browser history after you are done.

What data does it fold?

Most tracking software deal with messages, calls, location. Whenever a subscriber receives or sends new message – tracker copies it, adding date and hour, phone numbers of sender and receiver.

If that was a media message – an object is stored separately. Tracking app checks all popular messengers:

It tracks incoming and outcoming calls, storing the records with additional data on date, time and talk partner.

There is no option of recording phone calls. But information in provides us with is enough for making right conclusions.

Location tracker lets managers easily control every move of their workers together with time they spend for work.

If you must find anything in particular – use search window. Type key word or time\date and enjoy quick result.

Who stands to profit from it?

Companies who employ business representatives, sales rep, curriers etc. all those enterprises that delegate their workers to represent their interests or goods outside the office.

Any enterprise that cares of inner safety trying to avoid leaks and dishonest employees. There is no easier way of controlling transferred data and migration.

Can we be busted?

Absolutely no. even if someone finds an app in their phone – it is too hard to define what it actually is. There is no actual way to find out who and when installed it or what it was used for.

Data storage is protected from hackers. It contains no data of account owner. Just copies of calls, messages and rout.

These features make it absolutely safe for using at any case.

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