Top Technology Trends to Persuade In 2020

Modern technology has seeped into a modern man’s life to a level that he can’t even think of living without it. The recent advancements have left people in a surprise and dependent state.

The rate at which things are evolving is not measured in days anymore but minutes and even seconds. Even a product launched a day before is outdated due to another design announced today. The acceleration in the evolution process has caused an exponential rise in the developmental process, resulting in many new technologies, smart devices, and digital systems.

To stay professionally competent and in a constant race of the modern world, you must have the updated knowledge of the most advanced technology. Continue reading to learn the top technology trends of 2020, so you can line up your things accordingly.

Top Technology Trends to Persuade

Technology Trends of 2020:

Technology changes a lot; however, those in everyday practice do not change at that pace. The technology employed in an institute stays fundamentally the same; however, they can upgrade the system to incorporate it. Therefore, you may say the career choices and jobs related to technology remain the same for years. However, the role may change with time to turn things in line with modern culture.

All the IT professionals recognize that their worth will be maintained only when they are in a constant learning phase. It means to keep your eyes open for modern technology trends all the time. Here are a few hot trends of technology in the modern era:

Artificial Intelligence:

There is much talk in town about artificial intelligence in the market. However, it would be best to keep an eye on the trend because it will change your lifestyle. AI is more like an artificial human brain made to mimic human intelligence to cope with social labor expenses. The main idea is to create a more efficient, precise, and fatigue-resistant system than humans. These work together to produce a majestic system that promises perfection. AI has gained so much popularity that 5 out of 6 Americans use AI in different physical forms in their lives and can’t even imagine their lives without it!

Experts mostly refer to AI as automation, one of the most fantasized jobs by technology experts in 2020. Experts predict that automation will accelerate to 23 million by the end of 2020.

Machine Learning:

Machine learning is more like a sibling of AI. In machine learning, older systems upgrade to modern ones. In a more straightforward version, you may say that computers and other machines are in the process of being rewired to make them capable of doing the things they could not do before. Machine learning is being incorporated in almost all industries to hone the system’s efficiency to produce better results in the same conditions. Therefore, highly skilled professionals of this skill are in demand in the market. Experts say that Machine Learning will grow to $8.81 billion by 2022. Moreover, Machine Learning appeared as the hot trending technology job on LinkedIn in 2020. The job demands the professional expertise of engineers, researchers, developers, and data scientists.

Edge Computing

Cloud computing has earned a lot of popularity and is in practice for more than a decade. However, instead of its excessive use and incorporation in many applications, it cannot introduce its efficiency. Therefore, we are not categorizing it here in the section of modern technology.

Due to cloud computing’s inability to efficiently deal with the surplus data, we have looked for other efficient ways. Edge Computing makes up for the shortcomings of cloud computing. It bypasses the latency offered by cloud computing. It directly files thousands and thousands to a central unit where they are processed. Edge Computing is becoming popular as the Internet of Thing devices are gaining popularity. The Edge Computing market is supposed to explode to $6.72 billion by the end of 2020.

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Robotic Process Automation or RPA

Another automation technology is Robotic Process Automation. It reads and interprets multiple applications, e.g., replying to numerous emails, accessing data, processing various transactions, etc. Even the work of CEOs, financial managers, and doctors can also be automated using RPA. Although RPA can threaten the jobs of 230 million people out there, it can increase any system’s efficiency. To protect 9% of the world from losing their jobs, RPA is updated to create new jobs. Experts advised that the efficiency of semi-automated systems is far better than completely automated systems. Therefore, RPA offers multiple career options if anyone is interested in pursuing a career in technology.

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Cybersecurity is in practice for a long. However, it is evolving and becoming better with every passing day. The biggest reason behind this rapid development is the strong will to counter-attack the hackers so they can’t intrude on the systems anymore. However, new tricks are invading the system every day. Therefore, technology experts help to move one step ahead to ensure data and system security. In short, as long as hackers are there to intrude on a system, cybersecurity will always work to produce something better and advanced. You understood it, right. Cybersecurity is going to grow as long as the computers and digital systems are present! Due to a lack of trained and competent cybersecurity professionals, we will have 3.5 million jobs vacant by the end of 2020.


The current decade is the decade of inventions. The systems made earlier are now of no use. The progress is to the level that they are trying to mimic a whole human brain. However, that’s not it! Researchers are trying to digitalize complete systems to ensure perfection. Therefore, everyone should be vigilant of technological advancements and their use in daily life to compete with the world at its full pace.