Top SEO Tips to Boost Your Site’s Traffic

Google periodically updates its algorithm—making it necessary for website’s to familiarize themselves with these changes. Without proper SEO, strategy, your site risks being ranked poorly by Google—which will attract less traffic. Is this something you are looking for? Probably no. So, if you want to boost your site’s traffic, then think in terms of upping your SEO game. The following are top SEO tips to employ and watch your site’s organic traffic rise tremendously.

SEO Tips

But what’s SEO?

In a nutshell, SEO—which stands for search engine optimization—is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on optimizing webpages to rank higher on Google. With SEO, you have a powerful tool that will increase your online presence and boost your lead acquisition. SEO involves keyword research, social media marketing, content writing, Video blogging, etc. Of course, SEO is technical in nature. But this shouldn’t scare you from rolling a powerful SEO strategy that can shatter your limits and propel your business to another new level. You can hire an SEO expert like Vancouver SEO company to help you implement your digital marketing strategy. With an SEO expert, you have a partner who understands the best practices when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.

Ready to learn the SEO tips that can take your website from zero to greatness? Well, keep reading.

User Experience

The modern consumer is very choosy. He/she wants a superior user experience. Plus, Google will rank your pages based on user experience. For instance, broken links tend to piss off your site visitors. Consequently, they will spend less time on your site. Also, if your site takes ages to load, you will end up losing more clients. Consequently, Google will give your pages poor ranking.

Pro tips

Optimize your site based on relevant medium tail keywords. It will give you the most out of your SEO strategy.

Also, check the dwell time and click-through rate. In particular, ensure that the dwell time is less than 3 seconds.

First Page Posts

Look for posts that tend to rank higher on Google. Rewrite and repost them. Use Google Analytics to find these posts. Ensure the posts you choose has an average position raking of 10 and above. Make the articles interesting. Go for shorter sentences. Check your grammar and ensure it’s correct. With quality content, you have the power to pull readership to your site—a key step towards getting more traffic.

Pro tips

Pay close attention to the connected subtopics. Also, don’t forget the following sections:

  • People also ask
  • Related searches

Write long content. Fit both long tail and short tail keywords into your posts.

Quality Content

Create long content. It gives your clients an urge to stay on your site—which improves your chances of securing more traffic. The posts you create should be in-depth and error-free. Share your content on social media platforms. Use short sentences. Do the same to paragraphs. Make sure that the flow of your blogs is logical. Don’t plagiarize. Make quality, authoritative, and evergreen content—it will improve your site’s chances of ranking higher on Google. Use backlinks to share your content on social media platforms.


The digital marketing sphere is quickly changing—bringing other tools like video marketing on board. With video marketing, you have a powerful tool that you can leverage on to increase your online presence. Create videos on your area of specialization. Make the videos short and clear. Optimize your videos. Share them on different social media platforms. Go for quality videos. It will attract more readership and give you traffic.

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Pro tips

Ensure that the titles and descriptions are updated accordingly—it will make your videos searchable

  • Use appealing graphics
  • Take your videos to other site contents

Featured Snippets

According to the stats, about 11percent of search results are featured snippet. So, what are snippets? Well, snippets are the results showing up on Google search results after the ads and before those ranked results. They come alongside images, tables, and videos. When utilized properly, they can help you steal quality clicks.

Pro tips

When optimizing your content for featured snippets, remember to be:

  • Be straight to the point. Don’t beat around the bush. The modern clients want clear and concise information
  • Utilize headers. They make scanning easy and straightforward.
  • Cross-device usability—your content should be accessed by both mobile and pc.
  • Social media—leverage on social media to drive positive engagement with your clients
  • External resources—make sure to utilize powerful external resources when creating your content.

Maximizing on User Engagement

Digital marketing is all about maximizing user engagement. With user engagement, you have the power to keep your clients glued to your pages for long—which will automatically get you more clients. Here are a few tips on how to maximize user engagement:

  1. Readability—create posts that are easy to read. Use whitespaces, headings, as well as relevant images. Go for short sentences and paragraphs.
  2. Links—Use relevant links in your content. Also, walk good offers into your content. With links, you have the power to convey relevant answers to pressing questions from your readers. Also, links tend to decrease bounce rates—which will ultimately get you more users.
  3. LSI keywords—use LSI based keywords to answer additional questions from clients who view your content. Supplying additional info will not only retain the client but also tell search engines that you are offering valuable information to your clients.

Other Tips

  • Optimize for the Voice Search
  • Your focus should be on Mobile-First Indexing
  • Increase Click-Through Rate
  • Reduce Bounce Rate
  • Boost Dwell Time
  • Go for engaging paragraphs

The Bottom-Line

SEO can instantly give your business a real uplift—especially when it comes to organic traffic and leads. However, the SEO strategies you employ has a great bearing when it comes to getting more traffic. So, if you are looking to boost your SEO search traffic, think above the above tips. From use experience to maximizing user engagement—these tips will help you get the traffic you have been dreaming of.