The Growing Need for VPN Among Internet Users in Japan

With the growing awareness of internet security, the need for VPN has also intensified. Off late, the instances of cyber thefts have grown and, almost every part of the world has faced the brunt of these attacks. Starting from 2002 to 2019, every week, four to five instances of cyber-crimes are reported in America. When we talk about technological innovations, the country that has been the creator of the biggest inventions in the world is Japan. This is also the country with the highest number of internet users; almost every country does business with Japan and each of us at least use one product in our daily life that is made in Japan.

With 2020, just like every other country, Japan too adopted the policy of remote, and you will be surprised to know that amidst the coronavirus, Japan has faced more than 700 cyberattack instances. Thus, the need for cybersecurity has become a crucial subject now, after the pandemic and the best tool to secure our online journey is the VPN.

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The Growing Need for VPN Among Internet Users in Japan

What is a VPN?

With the start of 2020, ransomware attacks were on a rise in Japan. Further, remote working worsened the situation and allowed the attackers to exploit vulnerabilities in the technology that was used for remote working. To curb the spread of these attacks, Japanese organizations are strengthening their online security systems and are rapidly protecting their data with a strong VPN.

VPN or Virtual Private Network routes all your web traffic through an encrypted tunnel to a server that is controlled by your VPN service provider. The encryption ensures that your data is secured from being viewed by a third-party.

What are the benefits of a VPN?

Although there are various concrete benefits of a VPN. However, we can broadly categorize the benefits in these two aspects.

  • Privacy – The VPN keeps your data private by masking your IP address, location, and search history. When these things are hidden, then the chances of being tracked by our internet service providers, cable operators or government agencies become negligible.
  • Security – The VPN provides encryption to our data and secures it in transit. Thus, providing a safe gateway for sending and receiving data from your device.

How should we select the right VPN Provider?

The VPN industry has exploded in the last few years; various providers promise to deliver the best results, thus, making it hard for companies to select the right VPN provider for their needs. While you are searching for a VPN provider, check for these 4 things.

1. Features

A VPN provider will present a pack of lucrative features, however not all of them will be useful for your business. Thus, understand the offerings in detail. For instance, if your employees work remotely, then check the number of devices that can simultaneously get latched to a VPN. Based on your business needs, select the VPN provider.

2. Maintenance

While you might have a strong IT team to manage the VPN service, yet it is advisable to include the maintenance aspect in the deal. Manual updating might be tedious, so let the VPN provider take up the maintenance responsibility.

3. Request a Free trial

Most VPN providers have smart sales executives who will impress you with their sales pitch. Therefore, request a free trial of the software, before purchasing it. You will only understand the real impact of the software once you start using it.

4. Bypass Geo-restrictions

A lot of Japanese engineers and technicians work outside Japan and the only way they could connect with their culture is by accessing the entertainment content aired on Japanese TV. Unfortunately, most countries restrict access to international content, due to copyright or licensing reasons. However, VPN can solve this problem; it can spoof your real location and allow you to stream Japanese TV abroad.

The Bottom line:

Recently, the Japanese Ministry of Trade has issued a press release, urging businesses to strengthen their cybersecurity systems. They have warned organizations of the growing threat of attacks due to the increase in remote working. As a preventive measure, it is time that every company updates their security tools and their IT infrastructure, by making their systems VPN equipped.