Why do Travellers need VPN?

It is quite a relief to find someone you can reach out for any information, in a foreign land. We always need at least one acquaintance in a new city, be it for figuring out the directions or finding a good place to eat, only a localite can guide you and make your trip comfortable. But what if you fail to find a friend in a new country, will you be able to survive, especially if there is a language difference. The answer to this is YES.

A few decades ago, survival without a friend would be difficult, but in the age of technology, when we have no one, you still have Google, who can answer every question with just a click. Thus, as a traveller, apart from your toiletries the other most important thing you need is the internet.

Thanks to the digital revolution, today the internet is available everywhere. Public Wi-Fi zones can easily be spotted in airports, cafes, malls, and even public transportation. Cities like Moscow, Seoul, Guangzhou, and Shanghai offer strong Wi-Fi connectivity even in underground trains. Once you have logged in, you can enjoy free internet, throughout the journey. However, with easy access to the internet, the risk of using it should also be kept in mind. Thus, to remain 100% safe, you must carry a VPN network while travelling to a foreign land.

Why do Travellers need VPN

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It provides a double layer of security to your browsing activity.

How does the VPN work?

VPN encrypts your online information, so that the personal data remains secured and safe from the third eye, while you are browsing or sharing it with others. VPN protects your information like passwords, credit card numbers, banking details etc.

Why should you use a VPN while Traveling?

Ensures Safety and Security

Logging into public Wi-Fi networks can be dangerous. The hackers are always watching over these free wi-fi spots since these networks are unsecured and thus hackers can dive into these networks to access your information. However, if you are using a VPN, your data will pass through an encrypted channel, which will be extremely difficult to hack.

Access universal content

Some countries have strange internet policies. For instance, China even restricts the usage of Google, so if you are in China and want to access Facebook or any other important site, then you need to get a VPN. Select the VPN of a country, where the website is available, and you will be able to access the website from anywhere in the World.

Watch-International TV shows

After a long tiring day in a foreign land, all that you need is to binge-watch your favourite shows, but what if the service is unavailable in the country? Do not worry, VPN can solve this problem for you. VPN helps you bypass the geographical restriction and access international content anywhere. For instance, if you are in China and want to watch the Japanese series on Nippon TV, then you can use a VPN from Japan and watch your favourite shows, even when you are travelling abroad.

Better deals

Have you ever noticed that while booking a flight ticket, the prices of the same ticket, keeping increasing every time you refresh the page? This happens because the travel portal wants you to buy the ticket immediately and creates a fear of price rise. This fake fear can be avoided with the help of a VPN. VPN makes your identity and IP address anonymous and defends your system from getting attached to any cookies that can reveal your identity. Thus, with a VPN you can get the best deals and be saved from the random price inflammation. Speaking of deals, if you’re thinking of an extra budget to save, there are great VPN deals offered online where you can get huge discounts monthly or annually.

The Bottom line:

VPN is an essential part of a traveller’s journey. It can take care of your data and allow you to access the internet safely and freely.

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