How Technology is Ruling the World?

How Technology is Ruling the World

This is era of technology and we can find technology everywhere. We have become paralyzed without the technology and it is ruling our world. We start our day with technology and end our day with it too. Therefore we are actually addicted to the technology and simply cannot imagine our lives without it.

Technology has improved your lifestyle and makes things easier for us. We can search anything we want in us few taps and clicks, we can communicate within seconds, we can stay connected to our loved ones and family, we can grow our business and explore new opportunities, we can learn new stuff and follow new trends, we can save more lives and improve our health, we can do transactions more easily, safe and fast, we have now become a global village all because of technology in our lives.

There is no limit of our imagination and converting our ideas into reality in no time as well as keep up with the new changing trends. Technology provides equal opportunity for everyone and helps us achieve our life and wealth goals easily. In short, technology allows you to have a better and more customized lifestyle. It has enabled us to step into the next generation.

Why technology is ruling us?

Here a question arise that why technology is so important to us and why it is ruling our world? The answer is simple, technology has evolved itself according to the needs and requirements of the human and much of the development is done in this sector. Our governments, business, research centers have invested billions and trillions in research and development of the technology. We have actually found it quite interesting and helpful therefore money is invested in developing more and more technology.

Other than that, we feel proud in using latest technology which has become market trend too. Products and services quipped with the latest technology tend to sale more when compared to the old technology. Fading old technology creates the urge to produce new elements of the technology such as the cassette players are now totally extinct from the market and latest technology has taken its place.

One more factor which let the technology rules is the convenience technology provides us. Due to this the technology is easier to adapt and as soon as a technology is introduce it is adapted by the companies, users, government and customers.

Disadvantages of technology ruling our lives:

Everything which is become an addiction is harmful for human and extra use of anything will create harmful effects as well. The technology has created some bad effects on our lives as well.

Social media addiction:

The social media is a medium to connect and communicate but people nowadays are getting more and more addicted to it. From taking and uploading selfish, mentioning every single detail on the social media and having no personal life is one of the few examples of social media addiction. People are losing the importance of having personal space and it becomes a security and personality threat for themselves. One must learn to protect their personal life and activates from the social media.

People are less emotional:

Feelings have been badly affected by the technology and excessive use of technology in day to day life. The importance of real people, real fun, happiness, and love are fading away. People believe in whatever they see on the internet and TV. This is leading a loss for human natural emotions and feelings. Happiness and sadness now controlled by the internet and technology which is very alarming. Humans are become self-centered and careless about the people around them and feel less socially responsible.

Poor health and powerful diseases:

Technology has done great improvement in the field of medicine, health and understanding human body but has failed to provide good health to the humans. The research and development do not provide a cure for many diseases and humans still faces a lack of basic health facilities. Diseases are more powerful and human is more vulnerable to the diseases and spends billions to achieve health. Most of the human population is not safe from basic diseases such as High blood pressure, diabetes, low calcium and iron deficiencies etc.

Benefits of technology ruling us:

Although there are some disadvantages of technology but the advantages are uncountable. Technology has benefited all the sectors of life and makes our life easier, fast and continent.

Technology makes you rich:

The field of technology has more money than any other field and that is why most of the world’s richest people belong to the field of technology. This is considered to be money making the machine on the small and large scale. If you are expert in any field of technology you can always earn and more opportunities are available in this field when compared to other. It is also easier to learn and adapt as well as it application has many wide sectors.

Technology is everywhere:

You can find or apply technology everywhere as it is very versatile and flexible which allows it to cope up with anything and any field of life. There can be new ideas which can be introduced in the existing technology and create new options. There can be many opportunities which can be created in order to improve the old technology and get it replaced.

Technology is a trend:

One very powerful thing about technology which allows it to rule us is it’s a trend to make and follow new technology. People wants to make and apply new technologies, create more options in existing ones, people want to learn and know more about latest technology trends and people feel more comfortable and prod in using advance technology.

More than anything else, the technology itself has been widely marketed and promoted in its every form. People seem to be more satisfied when they use new technology and keep on looking for new technological trends at the same time.

Guest Author:

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