The Tech In Your Shoes: From the Flawless to the Absurd

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If you have ever watched Dragons Den, then it won’t come as a great surprise that there are some pretty quirky entrepreneurs and inventors out there. The fine line between genius and insanity is sometimes a little blurred, but always entertaining. Here’s a look at some footwear technology that walks that blurred line, no matter … Read more

Some Amazing Technology Advancements


In the development of the world, technological advancements have been acting as the main transit behind it. Technology has overtime become a prime element in the lives of the common man. From ordering items online people also sell textbooks on certain websites, in order to gain some extra money all credits to technological advancements. Now, … Read more

How Can US Businesses Keep their Tech Running Safely?

US Businesses Keep their Tech Running Safely

Safety is something every business should think about. Clients, staff and the company premises should all be secure, especially when using technology. If it is secure, the electricity that powers up all the appliances, gadgets, automatic doors, security systems and lighting should run smoothly. Even the smallest imperfection could represent a huge risk. Nationally, US … Read more

4 Big Ways Technology Is Changing Small Parts of Our Lives

Technology has changed our lives in countless ways. Indeed, some new innovations are so radical that we easily overlook all the burdensome day-to-day tasks that technology helps us with. From finding dates to carrying textbooks and more, smartphones and tablets have changed the smaller details of life in big ways. Using Apps to Find a … Read more

How Technology is Ruling the World?

This is era of technology and we can find technology everywhere. We have become paralyzed without the technology and it is ruling our world. We start our day with technology and end our day with it too. Therefore we are actually addicted to the technology and simply cannot imagine our lives without it. Technology has … Read more

Technology in the Healthcare Industry

Technology in the Healthcare Industry

Gaming can be fun, cars can be awesome, and computers can cause world chaos at the click of a button. However, when it comes to the industry with the most terrific technology, the heroes over in healthcare claim the honours hands down. Of course, the expertise occasionally come with costly faults and glitches, but the … Read more