Best SNES Emulator for Windows 10 [2020]

Best SNES Emulator – Every gamer is aware of the name of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). It is a Japanese consumer video game and electronics company. And in this article, we will discuss the best SNES Emulator for Windows 10.

If you do not become aware of Nintendo, then let me tell you that it is recognized for its most famous games like Pokémon, Super Mario, etc. but apart from it, many more games and innovations created by Nintendo.

The SNES or Super NES is a 16-bit home video game consoles popular around the globe as it was released globally. If you have not yet bought the console, then no more need to buy it as you can play most of the SNES games on your pc using the best Nintendo emulator. And yes, you think correct, today we will discuss on Super Nintendo emulator for Windows 10.

SNES Emulator

What Is SNES Emulator?

SNES Emulators are those who are used to emulate SNES games and able to run in all the system with DOS, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. But in this article, we have best SNES emulator for pc windows.

There are many Super Nintendo emulator available in the market to play SNES games, but in this article, we have covered only those who are tested by us and give us best result. And one of them is Snes9x Emulator which works best with windows OS.

Best SNES Emulator For Windows 10

#1. Snes9x Emulator

Snes9x Emulator is free and lightweight SNES emulator for pc that can smoothly run on Windows along with MAC, Linux, DOS, etc. It was released in the year 2017. With no of competitors, the Snes9x Emulator stands differently. It is latest and best SNES emulator which developed in C++ language. We recommend it as it can run most of the OS with minimum requirement. Even they are officially approved to use personally, and hence there will not be any problem of subscription. All these are the main reasons why we select snes9x download in this list. If I talk about my experience, then it is the best

SNES emulator games for windows but to run it on your pc, your system have to fulfill some of its requirement which areas below:


Do not worry; there are not such high specifications to run Snex9x Emulator on your windows pc or laptop. Some of the basic prerequisites given below:

  • Operating System(OS): Windows 2000, XP and up
  • RAM: above 32MB
  • Graphics Card: DirectX 6 and OpenGL

Important Features of Snes9x Emulator:

  • It is easily downloadable from the internet.
  • It is lightweight and applicable to Windows, DOS, Linux, etc.
  • It produces stereo sounds.
  • A user can take screenshots of your gameplay any time.
  • One can play any game in your windows operating system anytime by from internet by downloading and opening the ROM files of your desired games.
  • In the gameplay, you can use a mouse pad or joypad.
  • With the Netplay option, gamers can play online games with another player globally.

How to play SNES games on Windows PC using Snex9x Emulator?

Step #1: Open your web browser and go to the link given below to download the Snex9x

Step #2: You will find zip file after downloading. So you have to extract the file using WinRAR or any other software in a separate folder. After extraction, you will find snex9x software and some additional file in that folder.

Step #3: Now download the ROM pf your desired game. You can download game ROMs from this link.

Step #4: There are many games available to play in Snes9x Emulator. But for a quick demo, I will show you Alladin gameplay in Snes9x emulator.

Step #5: First, search for Alladin game and click on download link.

Step #6: Move the downloaded ROM into the folder that creates earlier and extracts it there.

Step #7: Launch Snex9x the software>>go to File>>Load Game>>extracted a Game file.

Step #8: After selecting this option and selecting the game ROM file, your game will load automatically. Go to the full screen and enjoy the game.

So it is a step by step guide to playing a game in SNES emulators. Try to download and run it by yourself so you can remember and understand the process. It is easy what you have to do is download the ROM file of the game, extract it and then open it in Snex9x Emulator. You will find classic and excellent games like Super Mario, Pokémon, Alladin and many more.

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#2. RetroArch Emulator

RetroArch Emulator

RetroArch is also one of the best SNES Emulator for Windows, and hence we have covered it in our list. You will find many advantages as well as some of the disadvantages if you compare it to a Snes9x emulator. One of the best features of this emulator is the live game rewind feature. Even for online gaming, you will find the Netplay feature. RetroArch is a good emulators in some aspects, but it still gets overhauled by other emulators like zsnes, snes9x, etc. one of the significant disadvantages of RetroArch is its complex user interface and puzzling installation process. So picking Snex9x emulator for your Windows PC can be a better choice for you as a gamer.

#3. Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin Emulator is another best SNES emulator which is a version of the excellent Nintendo Gamecube and Wii emulator for Windows. Being an old one, you will find a limited list of compatible games. On average, it is a powerful emulator with some of the disadvantages.


It is all about Best SNES Emulator for Windows 10. We hope you like this article. In case if you have any doubt or you stuck somewhere in between, you can ask our experts. Thank you for reading!

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