Top 15 Productivity Roadblocks Hindering Your Team [Infographic]

In the IT era, productivity and success run parallel, and hence we try to achieve maximum productivity especially work the work. But in the race of productivity, somehow, we get on sidetrack. According to one of the surveys of Wrike, employees end up slaving away about 70 hours of workweeks.

If something similar happens to you or your team, take a moment to understand why this happens and how you can come back on track. Most of the time, we find a more innovative way to achieve our goals and save time together. In this way, we can achieve a sense of fulfillment.

Productivity Roadblocks Hindering Your Team

However, we all want to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and to achieve this; we use numerous productivity tools like project management software. But with each new skill, you need some time to learn it and to become a master in it. And in this technology era, you find yourself somewhat missing if you won’t try new technologies. Many studies show that people are convinced to follow some time management techniques but failed to stick to them. And most of the time, the case remains the same, but the reasons may differ.

On the one hand, productivity enthusiasts are constantly finding new life hacks to get more things done in less time, but they forget that some roadblocks hinder the highest productive and block success path. To cope with this situation, you must have to find the root cause for it. After proper research, you must have to eliminate these roadblocks that help you become more productive. And it will go easier for you and your team to adopt new strategies and behavioral changes.

Even in big organizations and companies, people find themselves unorganized. It takes hours to gather responses and hear back on the feedback request. As a business owner or team leader, workflow management plays an essential role in productivity.

Irrespective of a team or individual member, in the end, you have to work with clients, and effective client collaboration is the key to a successful business. If you want your team to be work collaboratively, you need to stabilize your work culture. For that, you need something that can look for everything, and project management software packages are something that can help you in doing the same.

According to Wrike, the top 3 team leader roadblocks are working on too many things at once, waiting for other people’s action, and responding to emails. And for team member’s road blockers, the first two factors are the same as team leaders, and the last one is unclear priorities.

According to the Wrike survey, top productivity blocks are due to work management issues and unclear priorities. These two are consistent problems that required attention. Don’t think that you or your team are facing productivity blocks due to events out of your control. Here are the reasons behind your struggle to stay productive. Please have a look at it and find how much resemblance is there in your team or organization.

Here is Infographic brought to you by Wrike project management software packages

Top 15 Productivity Roadblocks Hindering Your Team