Marketing Operations: 4 ways to optimize your projects

The world’s largest companies are moving at the speed of light. Increasing technological advances have demanded quick campaign executions and marketing efficiencies. Entire corporations have had to systematize all their marketing processes, to face the new challenges that the new era has brought.

Most marketing departments use MRM software which over the years has evolved into Marketing Operations Software which combines marketer’s most important tools such as Digital Asset Management, Creative Project Management, Resource Planning and Brand Management.

There are many vendors in this space, the most common enterprise marketing operations software suppliers are: SAP, IntelligenceBank, Microsoft and Oracle To complete this, a traditional marketing operations management is inefficient. An email with the details of the project for each member of a creative team, affects the delivery times; and the individual work that used to characterize the professional, now is impractical.

marketing operations

The emergence of new marketing operations

Profitability with low cost. Freedom with commitment. Closing projects with slippers. Whole creative teams, managed at the same time, but from anywhere in the world. All these were the dreams of every entrepreneur in past decades. But now, dreams have come true. The new wave of marketing operations and the tools used for its management have been the key factor in this achievement.

And best of all: it isn’t necessary to qualify as a process design specialist to take full advantage of this new project model. The information is there; it’s only necessary to know how to use it.

New marketing operations were created (and are been optimized every day) by organizations, to exploit the technological evolution of this advanced century. This new process is divided into 4 areas, to make the workflow of the creative team fluid.

Creative Project Management

The beginning of a marketing project is just at the moment that the contract with the client is signed. Once that happens, the countdown of the delivery times begins. The distribution of responsibilities, budgets and monitoring of productivity cannot be static. The dynamism in this area will achieve success.

Publication schedules, to-do boards, comment tables, stopwatches and approvals for assignments and deliveries are the commonly tools used in this area of marketing operations.

With this marketing operation process, the team’s understanding and commitment to the project will be rising day by day; so that, the scope of the goal will be satisfactory for everyone. This is only can be with a dynamic and comprehensive project management.

Project digital asset managers

Marketing operations are accompanied by something indispensable: the project’s file library. Individual work isn’t useful within creative projects, and much less the individual safeguarding of the content generated for them. The entire team must have access to a digital asset manager that allows them to work from anywhere at any time of the day, without having to go to the agency with a USB.

This tool simplifying de marketing operations, diminishing the time of some tasks, making the work of the professional easier and sharing those results with other creative; who need to continue with their task immediately.

Making productivity reports

Automation of productivity monitoring, has saved thousands of dollars to marketing agencies. Whole summaries of who did something and how it was now are completely mechanized and detailed. Specialized marketing operations digital tools offer this feature. With good task management, the reports would be accurate and with useful information for the project leader

Monitoring through these advanced reports becomes much simpler and the progress and failures of the project will be much easier to identify. They also, usually throw information related to digital assets; both its load, the modifications they have and their expiration.

Integrated tools and templates

The number of licenses’ digital programs and repositories that a marketing agency must have, can be infinite. With good management of marketing operations and the use of good digital tools for this, the risk of exaggerated investment in these resources, and the centralization of existing ones for the most effective use of them can be reduced.

Many marketing operation tools bring thousands of templates included too. That can be very useful for any necessary process within the project execution. Time distribution is much more productive, when simple tasks, such as a customer report, are completed with predesigned templates.

Customization Areas

Sometimes, a professional creative doesn’t need to use multimedia creation and editing programs to make modifications to a resource. Tasks, such as format conversion, an adaptation of sizes for publishing platforms, tags and keywords and watermarks should be optimized; so that, in a single tool, everyone can access these options.

Many marketing operations software offer these features with the great advantage that is completely easy. There is no need to be a graphic designer to edit a multimedia resource quickly. These programs are designed to facilitate the work of the entire team and reduce the processes of modification of assets that are usually difficult to perform.

Fortunately, we have everything you need

Relying on the development and updating of those processes for advertising agencies, our company has invested resources, time and effort in designing our own marketing operation software. We can offer you all these things and many more. Our marketing operations program is completely comprehensive, automated and complete.

Little by little, we are ascending in the positions to become leaders in the market of management software and our costs are competitive, with an interface of easy usability. Management systems, virtual blackboards, a repository of digital assets, functionalities and integrations, templates and other gifts are included in our packages.

Our professionals are fully available to solve any doubt and give you details of every detail of the tools that we offer. If you don’t know what specific software you need, we can advise you, so that, your investment will be perfect for your business.

Your company needs optimized processes. Your team needs tools for making their works easily. You need to grow in your business. Be part of the evolution of marketing operations and turn your marketing agency into a production company of the 21st century.

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