Custom Marine Electrical Panels for Personal Boats

The capabilities of the boat also depend on the design and installation of different types of systems. In addition, you may also need the installation of different electronic and marine electrical systems related to energy, navigation, communications, and entertainment.

Regarding the capabilities of marine electronics, it is correct to say that they play an important role in improving the capabilities of ships by ensuring three qualities, including the comfort, safety and high performance of ships of different sizes.

Most marine vessels have something in common besides water travel: they have electrical instruments that require marine electrical panel. Without it, equipment is at risk of damage, and crewmembers could be electrocuted. Without the placement of panels over

exposed electrical equipment, a vessel is not suitable for operation. If you are rebuilding a ship, expect to place the marine electrical panel in the following areas, as necessary.

Marine Electrical Panels

Helm Console

The most obvious place for the panels is the rudder console, an area where panels often have aesthetic and utility design requirements. Professional panel manufacturers can machine precision panels in a variety of materials for rudder consoles. Wood is popular for luxury boats, while metal or high-quality plastic is found in other vessels.

Meters and Controls

Additional panels may be needed near the rudder console when there are extensive controls, as is often the case with commercial vessels. These panels can usually be formed in two pieces, or one piece, to simplify the application process, just like the panels for other areas.

Security Alarm

The panels for security alarms must be designed to allow the alarm controls to be easily pressed. Cutting designs for alarm controls can be more tedious than cutting them for rudder controls. A CNC router must provide the required cutting capability.

Circuit Breaker

Caring the switch panel of your vessel is equally imperative as shielding the one you have in home. Unlike older boats, modern boats rely on electrical equipment for communication, starting and air conditioning, to name just a few. Depending on your setting, the circuit breaker in your boat may need special waterproofing design.

Bus Bars

Depending on the design and size of your boat, your bus bars can be conveniently accessed for maintenance. If so, equipping them with the appropriate switch panels and equipment housing can be crucial to avoid lightning. An electrician must perform the installation of bus bar panels and housing.

Choose a Panel Manufacturer

The manufacture of panels for boats is a niche service that some companies carry out full time. To machine marine switch panels, these companies use CNC routers to cut the correct spaces. The cuts are made based on a solid CAD model of the area covered by the panels. Because CNC machinery is computer controlled, this process ensures that each panel is cut without failures. To streamline the process, some companies allow you to design your own panels with free software and send your order online.

Choosing the right panel manufacturer is a matter of common sense. First, choose a manufacturer that has experience with the production of custom alarm panels, preferably at least two years. Second, check the manufacturer’s references and request at least six of them. Third, research the manufacturer’s record in the Better Business Bureau (BBB), particularly if your record lists complaints from unresolved customers. Fourth, make sure that the manufacturer has a policy that protects you against defective products. These steps will help you find a reputable panel manufacturer whose products will meet your needs.

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