The Different Types Of Yachts

Whether you’re looking for a yacht to buy or rent, it’s important to understand that these magnificent vessels come in different categories, and that each of them is manufactured for a different purpose. Some are strictly for sailing, while others are pleasure yachts designed for leisurely travel complete with amenities and accommodation for the owner, crew and guests. Read on to find out what type of yacht will fit your needs before you decide on your ideal option.


Motor yachts

Most people who go on vacation hire luxury motor yachts because they’re reasonably priced, widely available, and spacious. Motor yachts also offer different sizes and spaces to accommodate any number of guests, as well as a variety of layouts to suit different needs. Keep in mind however, that the amount of guests that can be accommodated in a yacht also depends on its size, as smaller vessels like motor yachts are required by Maritime Law to house no more than 12 sleeping guests, while larger yachts can accommodate more people. Motor yachts also usually come with features like on-board swimming pools, Jacuzzi’s and sundecks.


Unlike most mono-hull vessels, catamarans come with two hulls which are also referred to as pontoons, and this makes them perfect for travelling through shallow water such as that you’d find in the Bahamas or Caribbean Islands, for example. These two hulls are often made from tough fibreglass material and they allow the ship to accommodate more comfortable lodgings in the form of en suite facilities, luxurious living areas, full size cabins and more.

Catamarans are not only very comfortable to sail in, as they’re usually very well designed, with a bespoke and classic look that reflects the interior luxury of the ship. They’re also fairly fast and comfortable to be in, as most people that are prone to sea sickness feel fine when travelling inside a catamaran.

Additionally, catamarans are normally propelled by wind power- although there are other varieties that use engine power- and they’re lightweight, elegant, spacious and comfortable, with staterooms that are soundproof and ideal for enjoying uninterrupted sleep.

Classic yacht

Classic yachts are usually heritage vessels whose construction dates back to the period between 1920 and 1970. They’re typically constructed from elegant wood or sturdy steel, and are made with such quality craftsmanship that they still give the newer versions a run for their money on the water. That’s because most of them are refitted in order to elegantly combine the old with the new, preserving the vessel’s heritage while incorporating luxury modern amenities for added comfort and style.

A classic yacht is the way to go if you’re looking for something with charm and character to carry you through the seas on your next vacation, and this type of yacht is very popular among purist charterers. However, if you’re looking for a yacht with a lot of on-board amenities like a gym, spa, Jacuzzi or even a sun pad with a pool, then you should skip this option, because classic yachts don’t usually come with the same entertainment conveniences as modern versions.

Mega yachts

Mega yachts are the stuff that dreams are made of, and they’re perfect for sharing special moments and travels with large groups of family and friends. As the name suggests, mega yachts are mammoth in size. Most can accommodate as many as 100 guests and come with all the fantastic amenities that you can imagine, from spas, to saunas, cinemas, disco rooms, swimming pools and golf courses. The sky is the limit when it comes to mega yachts, and travelling the sea in one of these magnificent vessels can be likened to staying in a luxurious boutique hotel, with the only difference being that you get to enjoy it all while completely surrounded by the peace and beauty of the sea.

Sailing yachts

Sailing yachts are much less luxurious and comfortable in the sense that they’re made for the owners to enjoy a real sailing experience without being slowed down by too many on-board amenities and guests. These are usually perfect for those who genuinely enjoy sailing and are perfect for shorter journeys.

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